How to raise your son to be a gentleman

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In today’s society, it has never been more important to raise your son to be gentleman.

In today’s society, it has never been more important to raise your son to be gentleman. For a modern day gentleman, this doesn’t mean knowing the codes of chivalry, but going deeper into values that one holds, looking after people and maintaining good manners.

Teach Good Manners

‘Manners Maketh Man’ is one of the key quotes from 2014’s Kingsman. Your manners make who you are, and you are judged on your conduct. Good manners are a physical representation of someone’s respect. Having good table manners, polite manners and saying your p’s and q’s are signs of a gentleman.

Generosity should be praised

Generosity is one of the main aspects of gentlemanly behaviour and should be taught in an early age. Teach your son that it is best to forgive the people who wrong him. Encourage him to help other people and look after the weak.

To help develop this, talk to him about how other people may feel in certain situations and how they might act. You can do this by discussing situations in his favourite tv shows, and book characters. Gradually move into real life situations that might happen at school. By getting him to consider other peoples feelings, this helps one to become more generous.

There are different forms of generosity so it is important to teach him this as well. One such example is if an elderly person gets onto the bus, it is good to offer up your seat. By having your son see you act in a gentlemanlike manner, it will make him do so as well. Your friends might be moving house, offer to help and bring your son along. When your son is older, it might be good for him to volunteer at a soup kitchen, or in a nursing home once a week. By extending this kindness to others, it makes

Teach him about various forms of generosity. When an elderly person gets on a bus, offer your seat and encourage your son to do likewise. If a friend needs help moving, lend a hand and bring your son along to do the same. When your son is old enough and less wary of strangers, you and he can also volunteer a few hours at a soup kitchen or nursing home.

Promote good listening skills

A gentleman knows how to listen to people. Making sure that he doesn’t butt into a conversation and wait his turn is something to teach him. This goes both ways, so making sure you give your son the courtesy of listening to him too.

Encourage him to be confident

Your son might be on the shy side, but make sure he knows to be friendly with people.  Some little children struggle to look people in they eye, but letting them know that is gentlemanly manners, and it’s important to smile when greeting people.

It is simple gestures like this that hold value with many people. They put you at your ease, and eye contact makes people feel more of a connection with you.

Help him to be a good sport

Learning how to be a good sport is one of the key things a gentleman needs in their arsenal. The first time your son encounters disappointment, make sure that you teach him how to lose gracefully. Make sure that he shakes hands with the person you played against, and say ‘good game’.

Honesty is the Best Policy

A gentleman doesn’t lie, and is honest with those around him. When raising a gentleman, its good to encourage truthfulness, and understanding the importance of keeping ones word.

If you catch your son lying, talk to him about why lies hurt and how honesty is the best policy. To encourage this, make the consequences of lying outweigh those that would have happened had your son told you upfront. Make sure your son is not afraid to tell you the truth.

Nobody likes a quitter

Maintaining a good work ethic is a good quality for a modern gentleman to have. Teach your son to always try his hardest. If he has signed up for a sport or activity, make sure he sticks it out, even when things get tough.

If he is struggling at school, make sure to help work with him to find new ways for him to make the material interesting and he perseveres.

What do you think makes a gentleman? Give us your opinions down below!

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