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How to save energy in the kitchen and keep bills down

How to save energy

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Published on 05/09/2022

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, but it can also be the most costly. With an array of appliances guzzling energy all day, it is likely to be the room costing you the most in terms of your utility bills. Thankfully, there are some great tips on how to save energy in the kitchen.

The energy price cap will rise 80% in October, meaning the average household’s yearly bill will jump from £1,971 to £3,549.

These simple tricks will help cushion the blow by reducing the energy you use and, therefore, the amount you will pay in utilities.

How to save energy in the kitchen

Reduce washing machine costs

Wait until you can fill the washing machine to about 80% capacity, rather than repeatedly washing smaller loads. This is more efficient than lots of little washes.

For non-stained clothes, consider washing at 30C to cut energy usage by 38% on average compared with a 40C wash. A 20C wash uses 62% less energy! Of course, this doesn’t help clean stained clothes, but you can sort your washing pile to make sure you cut the temperature for at least some of your washes.

Cut tumble dryer costs

Tumble dryers are real energy drains. If you can reduce your use, you will notice a big difference in how much power you use. Thankfully, there are alternatives.

If the weather is okay, hang washing outside on a clothesline. You can use an airer indoors. However, be aware of damp and mould when drying laundry inside frequently. Open your windows to allow ventilation. It takes longer than a tumble dryer, but saves a stack of cash.


Use your dishwasher properly to save money

Yes, dishwasher use is a big bone of contention in many homes. And there is a way to use it properly. Want to know the secret? At least in terms of how to save energy,

You shouldn’t overfill it. But you shouldn’t underfill it either. Wash full loads instead of running it for a few items and put it on an eco-setting. While washing up by hand may seem like a cheaper option, handwashing uses more water than a dishwasher.

Sadly, there is no official advice on how to stack it or which way to put the cutlery. You’ll have to argue that out in your own home.


How to save energy


Fridge freezer maintenance

You need to ensure your fridge freezer is running as efficiently as possible. One tip is to clean the condenser coils on the back as dust on the coils can prevent the fridge from cooling properly.

If you have damaged door seals, replace them so that cold air cannot escape. Also, ensure that food is cooled down properly before refrigerating.

Oven tactics

Reduce costs by cooking larger amounts of food at a time and eating them as meals spread across the week. This uses less energy than running the oven every day. You can also defrost frozen food in the fridge in advance so your oven does not have to work as hard to cook it.

Appliances such as air fryers or combi microwaves might be more cost efficient than ovens for cooking smaller items.


Have you got any other tips on how to save energy in the kitchen? Leave a mention in the Comments below

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