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How to start a blog and how to go self hosted

From time to time we get asked for our advice on how to start a blog, how to go self hosted and various blogging tips. My response is always the same…

“We’re not experts.”

Having said that, we are well away on the journey and have learnt a few things on the way so far. So rather keep what we’ve learnt, we’ve started sharing it. We’ve talked about setting goals for your blog, 9 ways to improve your blog, how to increase traffic and how to understand Google Analytics. But we missed out a key part…

How to start a blog and go self hosted

Click here to start your blog and follow the guidelines below to get you on your way

You will find below yet another infographic made by our own fair hands about how to start a blog. We’ve tried to keep it simple, covering the main, basic steps. The skeleton of creating a blog is easy but like anything, you can make it as complex as you choose. Before we get there though, let’s pause and talk about self hosting.

Choosing Web Hosting For Your Blog

The graphic below gives some reasons why self hosting is the better option. In short, hosting is where your blog is stored online.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 23.10.27

We use Kuala to host The Dad Network. A british company with extremely competitive prices! The thing we love most about Kualo however, is there impeccable support. If we have an issue, and we have on occasion, they are there immediately to resolve it. We can’t fault them at all. I just mentioned competitive prices, but we shopped around, and we really didn’t find anyone better. Their slogan is spot on:

Web hosting, but better.

Unlimited Web Hosting - Kualo
To sign up to Kualo for your hosting, pop over to the site. You’ll see a grid that looks like this:
Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 23.14.32
£1.79 per month for their starter plan is pretty damn good and obviously you can add bits and pieces to that if necessary.
With your self hosting sorted, you’re almost there. You do need to think of a domain name, which can be tricky, but worth getting it right.
So here you go. How to start a blog, how to go self-hosted and how to get going in the blogging world in 5 easy steps! 
5 Steps to start a blog


  • Great posts and lots of wonderful tips.

    Thanks for hosting #bigfatlinky

  • Great post! I’ve toyed with various web ideas since way back in 96! From very basic raw coded HTML right up to today’s, almost plug and play, solutions.

    I’m a huge fan of WordPress so I am using them for my latest blog and I have gone down the self-hosted route.

    It’s amazing to see these little projects grow. From small acorns as they say…

    Best wishes


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