How To Stay Fit Without Picking Up A Single Weight

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My wife gently nudges my side. I hear the faint buzz of the cell phone alarm coming from the bedside table and I briefly consider hitting the snooze button.

But I don’t.

We both sit up slowly, rubbing our sleep filled eyes. Our son had been up several times during the night for water, bathroom breaks, and blanket adjustments. But this was nothing new. He is sleeping soundly now.

The clock says 5:00 a.m. It’s early and I feel terrible.
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But we committed to this waking hour at least three times a week to work on ourselves.

The previous night we searched the Internet for videos that would demonstrate new maneuvers.
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It was clear that flexibility was going to play a large role in our routine this morning. A quick stretch would ensure that what we were about to do would be more satisfying.

It’s now 5:15 a.m. and I have my wife’s feet in the straps. We get to our sweaty work.

Of course I am speaking about TRX Training 

If you haven’t heard of it, the TRX Training system uses wall, doorframe or ceiling mounted straps (at home) that allow you to leverage gravity and your body weight to perform exercises.A great way to answer the question, ‘how to stay fit.’

With the TRX you can perform most exercises where you would use a variety of dumbbells. But instead you use straps to progressively challenge yourself by making slight adjustments to body position in relation to the anchor point (increasing or decreasing resistance).

Ok, I’m done with the sales pitch.

Why did I start incorporating this type of exercise into my life? And why am I recommending it to busy dads?

  • You can do it at home – install the mounting system on your wall and away you go.
  • It’s compact and can travel with you (i.e. to your in-laws place or on holiday) – Just bring the door mounted travel system.
  • Your level of fitness is irrelevant – anyone can start.
  • Workouts can be designed around your fitness goals – cardio circuits for weight loss and high resistance workouts for muscle building (or both).
  • There are unlimited resources online – hundreds of YouTube Channels are dedicated to featuring new TRX workouts.
  • The TRX App – a predetermined workout schedule on your smart phone designed by the creators themselves makes planning workouts a snap.

I am not one to buy into fitness gimmicks and have always thought of myself as a pick-up and put-down heavy things at the gym type of guy.

But I have experienced results with the TRX and that is why I felt it was worth sharing with my fellow fathers.

For my wife and I, it’s an energizing way to start our day. We encourage each other to stick to our commitment to health and fitness routines and it works for us.

Support is instrumental to your success.

If you want to commit to a healthier you, and you can’t find the support within your home, search out another dad. Find out if your goals align. Help each other stay on track through consistent contact. You don’t have to sweat in silence!

Dads, we have busy days – VERY busy days.

And we’re oh so tired.

But get up and move your ass!

There’s no reason you can’t get in a half hour workout while watching your favourite program or sports team with the TRX.

Mathew Lajoie is a writer at “YOUAREdadTOme…”. To get more from Mathew, click here. Follow Mathew Twitter at @youaredadtome

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