How To Survive the (Worst) First 6 Weeks as a New Dad

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  1. Chris White

    All very good advice. Currently have a four month old, and only have to wake up once a night for a feed. Those first days where they would only go three hours between feeds and would only fall asleep when being held are a, thankfully, distant memory.
    Totally relate to having them keep me up all night, and cover me in a all manner of bodily fluids, only to see them smile and have my heart melt. It’s a very clever trick.
    I have to say though, the constant analogies (from everywhere, not just in this article) between labour and pubs/drinking are becoming very tiresome. Just saying that you’ll see the person you love most go through 24 hours of the most intense pain they have ever expeienced and be able to do nothing to help may be less pleasant than a nice analogy. But it is a traumatic experience for everyone involved (with out a doubt more so for the mother) and trying to hide that isnt helpful. Saying that the only way men can relate to that is by describing it as a pub is more than a little insulting.

  2. Rich

    I agree. I think it’s cliched that most content aimed at Dads generally features pubs/drinking/football references. We’re not all Top Gear watching, boozing, Sky Sports subscribers. I don’t drink and get even more tired than most at the cliche that all men want to do is watch football in pubs.

  3. Mike

    Sounds like a disaster zone

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