Technology is so prevalent in our everyday lives that it creates many opportunities to use it with our children.

I must say that I think there is a danger with using technology with children. In my mind, it’s no substitute for playing outside or reading books.

And so when you find something that not only combines technology with these things but actually enhances it, it’s well worth taking a look at.

Story Sounds App by

Download the iPhone Story Sounds App by

Not On The High Street have released a story sounds APP that compliments your story telling/reading. They theme them to fit a variety of different stories and they’ve just released  a selection of spooky sounds for Halloween. This APP combines technology with reading books and adds to the special time of story telling and reading. 

Sounds include a creaky door, a Count Dracula laugh, the rattling of bones and of course a thundering organ. Good quality, fun sounds that will help any child enjoy story time.

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And another great thing about this APP was that it actually inspired me to create my own story. The images and sounds brought a fresh imagination. Mind you, being only 12 weeks old I think my story about Count Dracula stepping on the cats tail, falling over and his bones clattering went a bit over the boy’s head.
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And the best bit, it’s a free APP.
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Let me know how you use the Not On The High Street Story Sounds App, I’d love to read your experiences. Leave your comments below, I read them all.

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