How we burn better with wood burners, multifuel stoves and open fires

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If you were to ask dads what their main concerns were, it’s fair to say that the health of their family and the money in their pocket would make most people’s top five. If you own a wood burner, multifuel stove or an open fire, the Burn Better campaign has a number of recommendations that will help reduce the air polluting emissions  these appliances produce and help you burn more efficiently so you have to spend less on buying fuel. 


Now, that got your attention, didn’t it? 


Here’s advice on how to Burn Better when it comes to using wood burners, multifuel stoves or open fires and gain those benefits. 



How to Burn Better

Use seasoned wood


Seasoned wood is that which has been dried for at least two years or has a moisture content of 20% or less before use. When you burn this, it burns more efficiently than wet wood, which is freshly cut, producing less smoke, meaning that you send less pollution into the air and use less fuel to create the right temperature in your home, spending less. 


Solid and wood fuel burning is a major contributor to air pollution, so anything you can do to reduce it will be better for the health of you, your family and your neighbours. 


Stop using treated wood

Treated wood is that which has been painted, stained or chemically treated in some way, for example  pieces of old furniture. Burning treated wood on your wood burner, multifuel stove or open fire can cause the dangerous pollutants within to be emitted into your home and local area. Needless to say that choosing not to burn these materials is better for your family’s health. 


Maintain your appliances

Over time, appliances can become less efficient simply through use, parts wearing out, a buildup of dirt and grease and so on. By tasking a skilled professional with coming to service your burner or stove, you’ll keep it in good working order and help it burn more efficiently. In turn, you create less pollution and use less fuel so you save some cash. 


Get someone to sweep your chimney on an annual basis too. Not only will this help reduce pollution and encourage heat efficiency, but it also reduces the risk of chimney fires as well.


Look for the Ready to Burn logo

The Burn Better campaign has developed the Ready to Burn logo which you can find on fuel packaging. This logo  shows that the fuel is cleaner in terms of the pollutants it releases when burnt in your appliance. 


When choosing fuel bearing the Ready to Burn logo, you can be sure that it will be better for the health of your family and neighbours, as well as burning more efficiently, so reducing the amount of fuel that you need. 


Burn better


More on the Burn Better campaign

If you want to find out more about the Burn Better campaign, visit the website or search ‘Burn Better UK air.’

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