What the hell is hypnobirthing?

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The Calm Birth School 2
Here at The Dad Network we stumbled across a new company teaching hypnoborthing… it was at that stage, probably like you, we asked ourselves, what the hell is hypnobirthing? Rather than ask Dr Google, we asked the company some questions and as it happens, the response is quite interesting. Take a look for yourself.
1) Tell us a bit about yourself / yourselves
I’m Suzy, I am a Mum of 3, 2 by nature, one inherited, so it’s very busy in my household.  Aside from being a hypnobirthing practitioner, I’m also a pregnancy coach, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist – which is bit too long for the average business card, so I tend to stick with Pregnancy coach.
I’m Hollie, I’m a Mum of one – to the gorgeous Oscar, a hypnobirthing practitioner and AKA The Birth Expert, which does make me blush a bit, but I do know my stuff when it comes to helping Mum’s and Dad’s create amazing births.
2) For those of us who don’t know, what is hypnobirthing?
Hypnobirthing is a set of tools, techniques and from a Calm Births School perspective, an attitude  towards birth, that empowers Mum’s and Dads during their birth preparation, so they are able to create positive birth experiences.  So much of what we think and expect from birth is driven from what we see on TV programs (often hideous) and what we hear from friends and family who haven’t completed this type of preparation.  We teach Mum, how to stay in a deeply relaxed state whilst she is birthing, so she works with her body, as opposed to against it, with the use of breathing techniques, visualisations and probably most importantly the facts and the science behind the birthing body.
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  Our Dads love that bit, as often hypnobirthing can feel like ‘what?  Another bloody class.…?’ to start with.  But, the science, takes it from the ‘woo woo’ into the reality as it explain how key elements (that you maybe familiar with, from sports science and psychology) can turn birth from what can be a really stressful and difficult event for many couples; into a joyful and positive one – it just makes sense.
3) And what is the Calm Birth School?
The Calm Birth School, is the first video hypnobirthing school in the world!  We deliver hypnobirthing classes straight to your inbox, over a 4 week period.  We know that time is a massive issue with many of our clients, due to the every day demands of life and many times older children.  So we make it easy, by breaking the classes down into bite size chunks.  Sending out 3 or 4 short videos per week.
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  Along side is a course handbook and 5 Mp3s to help reinforce your learning and all important relaxation time.  As we help you to drop the fear around birth and prepare for a calm and positive birth.  The reason that our Calm Birth Schoolers love this format as it feels as though their getting private tuition at their convenience, the other big bonus is we like to keep it real.  We don’t do hippy shizzle, hummus knitting, or ask you to envisage the opening of lotus flowers.

  We’ve been there and done it and with two home hypnobirths, one caesarean alongside hundreds of in-person clients we know what we’re talking about.  We take this to the next level in our private Facebook group and in our bi-weekly recorded Masterclasses.

4) Do you think that fathers have an important role to play during labour? What can fathers do?
 After Mum, fathers are the most important person in the labour room.  Don’t get us wrong, we love midwives, but one of the key elements of a positive birth experience, is feeling safe and confident.
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  When a father understands the process of birth and how he can manage his own emotions, so that he can be present to what his partner needs both emotionally and environmentally, he has the power to transform and enhance the birthing experience.    And it’s all about the preparation.
5) What role can dads play within hypnobirthing? 
When a Dad understands the process of birth, in the way we teach at the Calm Birth School, the natural fear that many fathers feel in the birth room dissolves.  This means that Dad can really be IN the room , responding to what Mum needs in the most useful way.  By learning the tools and techniques with Mum, it means that if any time she loses focus, he can step in to help her get back on track – which is hugely important.
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  As well as manage the environment that works for Mum, in a way that your medical care providers respond in the way that you need.  Making your baby was a team effort, to enjoy the positive birth that all parents would love and that you deserve, preparing for birth and parenthood also needs to be a team effort.  So that when your baby’s special day arrives you and Mum are working together in the way that you mean to go on.  Hypnobirthing gives you that.

The Calm Birth School 3
We want as many Mums and Dads  to experience the benefits of hypnobirthing as possible, so to celebrate, we are giving away free hypnobirthing classes, straight to your inbox, no hippy shizzle, just the plain facts and useful techniques for you and your partner to take into the labour room with you.  Sign up for your free classes here today – make sure you let your Mrs know about this!   http://bit.ly/freehypnobirthingdads
*Photos courtesy of Philippa James Photography.

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  1. Brian Scott

    It sounds the same as a regular birthing class? Am I wrong?

    • Al Ferguson

      You raise a valid point – but I think that there are differences!

    • Suzy Ashworth

      Hey Brian,

      I thought I would just pick up your point on a regular birthing class. For most people the regular birth class is the NCT. As a new parent supporter for the NCT I love the organization, however the key differences are, how prepared parents feel for the act of giving birth and working with their care providers. NCT is often about giving you a list of things that can happen during birth, without giving you the practical tools for dealing with the things that may arise. Additionally and probably most fundamentally, it’s for building an invaluable network of friends experiencing the same thing as you, at the same time.

      Hypnobirthing gives you specific tools and techniques to help you change the common place expectation of what birth is going to be like and provides you specific practices to help both parents remain calm and relaxed during birth. Couples build the knowledge and the confidence necessary to work with their care providers in the most effective way for creating a birth experience where the couple feels confident and in control. As well as ensuring that the birth partner is completely confident in their role as advocate and support. Many general antenatal classes don’t scratch the surface, when it comes to these things. I hope that helps to clarify a bit more. :-)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks for your comment and recommendation Josh , glad it helped you both :)

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