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iCandy Peach All-Terrain Review

Land Rover Discovery; the king of off road vehicles.

iCandy Peach All-Terrain; the king of off road parenting

I’ve always been a fan of iCandy pushchairs, having chosen the Strawberry as my desired mode of transport for the boy. So far the Strawberry hasn’t let me down and so I had high expectations when I got my hands on an iCandy Peach All-Terrain.

My personal iCandy views aside, I have put the pushchair through its paces and come to a conclusion.

I think you can gather my conclusion from my comparison to a Land Rover Defender! This pushchair is a dream for those country folk among us! (And indeed the city folk who just like to push a decent pushchair!)

Setting this pushchair up was easier than getting it out the box. Click the wheels into place and away you go, ready to churn up the tracks and paths with the air filled, off road tyres, cutting their way through the mud and grass.

With plenty of neat (dad) features to keep you on side, this off road machine has everything you could think of:

# Large basket

# One hand fold

# Adjustable handlebar

# Parent or world facing seat positions

# Easy to adjust harness

# Good quality rain cover

# Carry strap

All the mechanisms and fittings are the usual iCandy standard; very easy to use! Just push a button on both sides and the seat comes out or reclines, or push the button on the handle to adjust. It’s as if they designed this with mums in mind… (*teasing)

Now, this is where you will need to spend some time thinking about what it is your looking for when choosing your pushchair. This one is not the smallest on the market and it’s not the lightest. That being said, remember that this is an all-terrain baby vehicle! You don’t by a Land Rover Defender for its fuel economy and ability to park in tight spaces outside Sainsbury’s local!

If you’re looking for a small folding pushchair that’s lightweight and good for nipping into town, then go and look somewhere else. The Peach All-Terrain is designed for all terrains, resulting in the chassis being a little more bulky and there being a few extra grams to lift. But, for an all-terrain pushchair, it’s on the small & light side! (6.5kg to be precise!) This does actually also make it lighter and smaller than some normal pushchairs I might add! You’ll need to weigh it up! ;)

Most car boots nowadays are plenty big enough for the Peach All-Terrain, plus the entourage of baby crap you have to take everywhere you go, no problem.

When tackling roots, undulations, muddy puddles, long grass, uneven pavements, cobbles, shingle or anything else you might encounter it glides over it all with ease. The bearings are good quality and it is really smooth to push. It has a good turning motion and the only time it was unstable was when I thought I’d take a run up a small, but very steep mound, which was my fault for trying to do a 360 leg tuck! (Hmmm… pushchair Olympics???)

The fabric is soft touch, easily washable and comes in 2 pretty nice colours. It’s these colour schemes that really do make this pushchair stand out from the crowd. The Toucan and Sneaker neon trims are innovative and, I think, are great to look at. The Toucan, especially, is really suited to dads.

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Take a look at the exact specifications, some more refined details and a great video on the iCandy website, but if you want my opinion, I’ll say it again:

Land Rover Discovery; the king of off road vehicles.

iCandy Peach All-Terrain; the king of off road parenting.

The iCandy Peach All-Terrain receives a resounding 5 / 5 star and definitely wins our award of recommendation.

photo 2 photo 3

iCandy, you never cease to amaze me and never let me down. #onedadandhisiandy

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