iCandy Peach Blossom 3 Twin Review

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  1. Becster

    We have this one but for a toddler & baby rather than twins. There’s only 18 months between them so we were looking for a double buggy/pram.

    The main reason we went for the Peach Blossom is so that we didn’t have to get a side by side buggy! And we knew that as soon as our littlest is ready for the chair bit it’s easy enough to switch the cot (sorry bassinet) for the chair. Trouble is that our baby has outgrown the cot bit but isn’t easy for the chair. So we’re in limbo land!

    But other than that it’s great – so easy to put together (once you understand which bit goes where) and doesn’t take up too much room in the boot. I mean we can fit this and a decent amount of shopping in the boot of our Focus.

    • Becster

      by the way that should ready “isn’t ready for the chair” not easy for the chair!! Blooming autocorrect!

  2. Kate

    We LOVE this pram. Lots of twin mums at my twin playgroup can only go to certain cafes because they can’t get their side by side pram through the door. I can go just about anywhere which is so great. It’s easy to push and the babies love the carrycots. They’ll be in the chairs soon though!

  3. John T

    We were thinking of getting a bugaboo side-by-side one (Donkey) but this has made me think again. Thanks!

    • Al Ferguson

      This is really good. When we bought our iCandy, the guy in the shop pretty much sold it to me by saying this: “Everyone pushes Bugaboo.” He’s right. This is a narrow option and in my mind, a touch better. :)

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