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iCandy Peach All terrain Review

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Published on 16/11/2016

There’s nothing like the thought of an all singing, all dancing pushchair. But they’re hard to come by. We’ve been testing out the iCandy Peach All Terrain pushchair to see whether it matches up to the ‘all singing & dancing’ reputation it comes with.

Straight out the box, you get

  • The chassis
  • The three all-terrain wheels
  • The seat
  • The rain cover

The pushchair itself is easy and quick to assemble, and only takes a matter of minutes. It is also handy as the instructions and simple & show you how to click on and off the wheels for storage and placing in the boot of the car, which is excellent for those with small cars. Like us.


When lifting the pushchair it has a ‘lightish’ frame, despite being robust and built for rough terrain. When folding the buggy down, you have to take the seat off, then it is just one movement by pushing down the handle and holding in a button. There is then a clip on the side to hold the chassis together, in place. This works most of the time but we found it can become lose, so just make sure you check it’s secured before picking the buggy back up out the boot of the car as it may spring open, which happened to us on occasion.
When we used the buggy on our recent holiday we tested it out on the beach, in the woods and just in our everyday adventures. The light frame made it easy to move and it worked superbly on the wet sand. There is a lock above the front wheel that can be turned to fix it place; ideal for going off road like on a pebbly beach or in mud as it stops the wheel from spinning and knocking you off course.
On the path and other urban areas, it works like a dream and is smooth to push, with excellent manoeuvrability. The adjustable handle has a good range, catering for dads of differing heights. On mud, it performed brilliantly and was easy to control, cutting through the resistance like a knife in warm butter.
The seat is comfy (well, we had no complaints from either child, at least!) and very easy to get your child in and out of the 5 point harness. There is also a bumper bar that toys can be attached to or if you’re my son have a nibble on! We also had a footmuff that just goes on over the seat to keep the little one’s legs warm and toasty. You just have to pull the strap through and then it has a zip so you can get the child in and out easily. It can be removed for the summer if it ever gets hot, which isn’t that likely in the UK, but if needed, it’s simple to do!
The pushchair has a large basket that can fit a changing bag as well as a small camera bag and a couple of coats; ideal for longer walks or shopping trips into town. It also has a pump in it so you can pump the wheels! (A cool gadget for us dads!)
In conclusion, the iCandy peach all-terrain is a fun, stylish pushchair that is comfy for your children, easy to use and doesn’t take up a lot of space despite catering for off-road usage. It also looks pretty cool in all black; but then again, iCandy always make good looking pushchairs! It’s safe to say that this pushchair deserves the all singing, all dancing reputation that precedes it!
The iCandy Peach All Terrain pushchair receives an official Dad Network Star Rating of 5 stars.

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