The IMO Q4 Pro 2021 For Under £69.99 | Reviewed

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As we know, our kids like every other kid across the world are glued to their mobile devices and the demand to have these is ever increasing, as is the price point on all of the top selling mobile phone brands!!
It can be so difficult to accommodate these demands, especially at this time of year AND especially after the previous 18 months of COVID. So we thought we'd tell you all about the IMO Q4 Pro mobile phone, which, could be something to consider for you or your kids.

Here are the headlines:

  • It's incredibly affordable at £69.99.
  • It has most of the same features you'd want from a phone; facial recognition, Bluetooth, 4G, 5.5" HD  display etc.
  • The camera holds its own against the big guns.
  • It has an impressive talk time of 12 hours.
I have been using this phone for the past 4 weeks and I am bowled over by it. The IMO Q4 Pro 2021 is sleek, stylish and stands up against many of the more indulgent brands out there in the market.
It's so simple to set up and with an amazing battery life from a removable battery this phone wont let you down.
From the moment you set it up, which is so quick and easy, you connect to the Wi-Fi and away you go with access to all the Apps available through Android at your fingertips platforms. Connectivity arrives through 4G and the camera is fantastic.
The IMO Q4 Pro 2021 is well designed and when held in your hand, the buttons are well placed.
The most incredible thing to mention about this great phone is that there is no fear of a bank-busting withdrawal or a 24-month contract to consider - this phone costs £69.99 all in and I can't recommend it highly enough.
The thing is, for young teens or even slightly younger children, as an introduction into the world of handheld tech, this is a great option. Purely because of the price point and the fact it operates more or less, as well as the other more expensive Android phones on the market.

Don't miss a thing

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