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Important things to think about when buying a suit

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I think every man should own at least one good suit.

Even if your daily attire isn’t a suit, to have one in your wardrobe is important because we all have those ‘suit’ occasions; funerals, weddings and irritating functions where the invite says ‘smart dress’ and you never really know what it means. A suit can also put so much confidence into a man and it can mimic a superpower or a suit of armour you could say. Below are a few little things to think about when buying a suit and most importantly – A child proof suit. They may just exist.

  • Use. Think about what the suit is for and if can you get more use out of it. Is it for an event such as a wedding or christening? When buying your ideal suit, think about it seriously and think whether you could wear if for another event or even a night out with the boys? If so – brilliant! You’re onto a winner. You don’t want to be spending money on something that will end up gathering dust after you’ve worn it just once
  • Style, colour, and material. There are many many different types of suit out there and Suitsmen have a wide range of different styles to suit almost any dadbod shape out there. You can purchase full and part suits with different trousers – mix and match if needed. This is where the magic is! When you mess up your bottom half (which, let’s face it, happens constantly with kids) and you’re in need of the same suit the next day, you can have a spare pair of trousers at the ready.
  • Size. You have also got to think about the fit and ideally, you want to find a suit that fits your shape, rather than the other way round.
    You don’t want to end up with a suit that’s too small or a suit that is a fraction too big. Same goes for the pants; don’t rely on the stretch theory, it doesn’t always come off in a suit and it’s always best to find a trouser that fits.
  • Price. Think about your budget but also think about a suit as an investment. Prices of suits can range from £50 up to £1000+ and this all depends on you and the purpose of the suit. To be honest, not many working dads will want to buy a £1000 suit, I know I wouldn’t, but they are an option should you desire. You also need to decide if you want comfort or stylishness? Or both? You can pick up a well-made reasonably priced suit online that is both comfortable and stylish. Personally, I would spend around £150 maximum on a suit, not cheap but not going to break the bank at the same time, and like I said it’s an investment. Don’t forget that you also need to factor in the extra pair(s) of trousers!
  • Durability is a key to owning a suit, especially when you’re paying good money only to find your little one has greeted you coming home from work with their foody fingers and sticky face, grabbing onto your leg, slavering down one leg then putting play doh on the other one – not good at all.

This I would call a real emergency, and knowing that you bought a suit with that extra pair of trousers and knowing you have that choice of interchangeable gear at hand in your wardrobe is great. The child smeared trousers are now a thing of the past and you can sit down with the family after a hard day’s work knowing you’re sorted for the next day and not need to worry.

Buying a suit is a minefield, especially when the added danger of sticky fingers is around every corner. Interchangeable trousers can really be a lifesaver so when buying a suit, keep this in mind!

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