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Insulated Winter Jacket Round Up

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Published on 03/12/2019

Insulated Winter Jacket Round Up, Screenshot 2021 11 26 at 12.13.15%, daily-dad, product-review%

The insulated coat industry has sky rocketed in the last decade, and with good reason. They’re light, durable and warm. In fact, here at Dadsnet, we think that a decent insulated jacket is a must-have for any dad. 

Paul Trepte, one of the brothers behind the outdoor retailer says:

"You should always have a down jacket or alternative insulating layer in your rucksack.  It will prove invaluable when walking because when you stop for a break you chill off rapidly.  The advantage of down is that it weighs very little and packs down really small."

Which sounds like most occasions I leave the house with the kids; stop, start. Stop, start. The fact that they pack small with next to no weight means they’re ideal when you’re already carrying rucksacks, pushchairs, spare clothes for the kids, wellies and goodness know what else. 

With this all in mind, it’s our duty to share with you some great options when looking for the perfect insulated coat this winter. 

We’ve chosen & tested 3 options, all stocked with Trekitt but for more options, head to their website to see what others are available. 

Rab Cubit Jacket

Insulated Winter Jacket Round Up, Cubit Stretch Down Hoody Ebony QDB 30 EBN scaled%, daily-dad, product-review%

The Rab Cubit Jacket is the most stylish of the 3 jackets that we’re looking at in this article. It’s also the most comfortable - obviously fit is a personal thing that varies from person to person but for both our testers, this came out on top for comfort. 

The build quality is excellent, and for us Dads, the warmth is just right. Some jackets will have you sweating buckets by the time you’ve unfolded the pushchair. This one is just right; keeping you warm but feeling breathable at the same time. 

But the biggest selling point with the Rab Cubit is the use of Pertex’s 3D Weave Technology. It gives the jacket a noticeably soft and warm feel while also providing the wind resistance and flexibility you need. Most mid-layers nowadays have that shine / plasticky feel on the finish, which this doesn’t due to the Weave Technology. 

It’s also this technology that provides the aforementioned comfort. The added stretch, finish and flex really makes this work whether you’re wearing over a jumper, another coat or indeed, under an outer shell. 

There are a number of other USP’s to Rab’s Cubit which boasts a boost in weather resistance. A YKK front zip, pre-woven baffles (fewer stitches means fewer areas for wind to enter), a DWR coating, hydrophobic recycled down, and of course, the Pertex shell.

"You can wear a down jacket in the rain but if down gets wet it loses all of its insulative properties.  Hydrophobic down absorbs less moisture and dries quicker than non-treated down.  Hydrophobic down will stop the down clumping in the damp, keeping you warm." Paul Trepte

It's also important to not that the recycled down used in the Rab Cubit is ethically sourced. In this day and age, it's these things that really matter to a lot of people and rightly so. It's worth looking for the responsible down standard logo when you're shopping. 

Some reviews say that it’s expensive - but not overly from our point of view. And when this could be the perfect jacket for a day out with the kids, commuting, running to the shops or whatever you’re up to, it does make sense. 

We’d highly recommend this be at the top of your list to consider. 


Montane Axis Alpha Jacket

Insulated Winter Jacket Round Up, MAAJA BLA P 1%, daily-dad, product-review%

The Montane Axis Alpha has been built based on cold chamber lab research and had extensive athlete testing. It’s more technical than fashionable; although does still look good. 

The technology behind the Montane Axis Alpha makes it a real consideration for those dads who are looking for a jacket that is not just for those cold days out with the kids or commuting but for someone who is also active in their own right. Whether that’s hill walking, running, climbing or anything similar. 

As it doesn't use down as it's filling, it’s been engineered with body-mapped fabric and insulation technologies from GORE-TEX INFINIUM™, PERTEX AIR and POLARTEC® ALPHA® DIRECT. Essentially, it’s highly engineered to make sure that moisture management is very efficient whilst maintaining some kind of comfort. 

Now for the really cool bit... 

The Polartec Alpha filling, which provides on-the-go warmth, was designed for the US Special Forces for the stop start nature of combat. 

When testing, there’s an element that this is too much for the average dad. You don’t necessarily need this higher tech level to simply nip to the shops or do the school run. However, it all comes down to your lifestyle. We used it whilst standing on the sidelines watching a kids football game during a recent winter’s morning. It kept us just warm enough. 

If you’re looking for an insulated jacket that will double up as an every day choice AND something for those more active occasions, then the Montane Axis Alpha should be a serious consideration. 


Mountain Equipment Lightline Jacket

Insulated Winter Jacket Round Up, me lightline jacket conifer scaled%, daily-dad, product-review%

The Mountain Equipment Lightline Jacket has been a consistent part of the Mountain Equipment line up for years and each new release increases in quality. 

The lower priced of the 3, it’s a really good option for those with a tighter budget. The warmth to weight ratio is very good, but consequently packs down a little larger than the other 2. 

We found that the Mountain Equipment Lightline was brilliant at keeping the wind out, thus feeling warmer. (Especially on that football touchline…) The insulation is high quality Pure Down with a 700 fill-power - which basically means it’s puffier, thicker and therefore incredibly warm. 

You wouldn’t need to have a thick jumper underneath this, especially for the average day out or trip to the park. Again, depending on your lifestyle, it could even be overkill being so warm. 

The polyurethane outer coating helps moisture bead up and simply roll off the surface rather than penetrating the shell, so in light wet weather, this performs well. The durability of the Lightline is very good also. As an inexpensive, cold weather jacket, it will easily last you a good few seasons. 

Being a larger jacket, you notice that you’re wearing a jacket a little more than the others, meaning that comfort (in comparison) isn’t quite as good. But this is simply a choice between whether you’re looking for something more durable offering superb warmth or a more packable, flexible jacket. 

The down used in this jacket is also ethically sourced, as with the Rab Cubit. 

The price point of the Mountain Equipment Lightline is unbeatable for the tech and performance. 

Definitely worth a look! 


There you have it, 3 fantastic options for winter insulated jackets that all offer something slightly different to suit your needs. Whatever your lifestyle, one of these insulated jackets will meet your needs. 

Whist you're here, we'd also like to mention Nikwax as a phenomenal way to keep your jackets (and boots, trousers, bagss etc) in good condition and water proof. Nikwax really does help you get the fullness from your jacket and when you're spending a decent wedge on a decent jacket, some products to increase the potential lifespan is really worth it. 


Head over to Trekitt for their full range of insulated Jackets. 

Insulated Winter Jacket Round Up, Screenshot 2021 11 26 at 12.13.15%, daily-dad, product-review%

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