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5 Second Rule Spintensity (£19.99rrp, ages 12+) – best-selling game now comes with electronic light-up spinner. Making naming 3 things in 5 seconds even more frantic and fun than before. MadeForMums Top 100 Xmas Toy.

Available to buy from: John Lewis, Argos, Very, AmazonUK and other toy retailers

Silly Sounds (£12.99, ages 8+) – the new family-fun party game where everyone gets to make and guess the silly sound stuck on your headband! 

Available to buy from: Smyths toys, Amazon and other toy retailers

Quick Link (£19.99rrp, ages 7+) – the fast and furious, word party game for the whole family where players race to use their squeaky suction cup sticks to snap up words that are logically related! 

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Available to buy from:Smyths toys, Argos and other toy retailers

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Cave Paintings (£19.99rrp, 12+)
Cave Paintings is a fun drawing game for the whole family! Each player must draw 6 objects in just 60 seconds in a “caveman style”, using your drawing slab and gripping your pen in your fist as you race against the timer.

Available to buy from: Smyths toys, Argos and other toy retailers

Peppa Grow & Play (£9.99rrp, 4+) – Play and Grow cress with Peppa, pea shoots with George, basil with Rebecca and red amaranth with Suzy. Then harvest the plants and enjoy in sandwiches, salads and other recipes. MadeForMums Top 100 Xmas Toy. 

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FabLab Fair Flair Deluxe and FabLab Nail Art Deluxe (£19.99 each, 8+) – styling kits for fashion conscious tweenager who love to recreate the latest insta looks. Peels or washes off again, using ingredients safe for kids. 

Available to buy from: Argos, AmazonUK, Very, Littlewoods and other toy retailers

Fuzzikins Ice Cream Van Bag (£14.99, 4+) – kids can get creative colouring in the cute flocked characters and accessories. Rinse them with water and you can colour them again and again. 

Available to buy from: Hobbycraft, AmazonUK and other toy retailers

NERF BUNKR Battle Stackers (£19.99rrp, 8+) – The new NERF BUNKR range takes blaster play to the next level with innovative and unique NERF-branded inflatable obstacles suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Battle Stackers are the perfect size and shape for rapid deployment in any NERF battle situation. Available from Argos.

Paddington Paw Pad (£12.99rrp, 3+) – Explore Paddington’s world on this fun paw-shaped pad! Let’s learn with Paddington! 3 fun interactive games in this paw shaped pad help learning and development of number and shape recognition, basic problem solving, letter and picture recognition.

Little Brian Giant Paint Stick (£17.99, 3+) – Contains 30 assorted Paint Sticks in all the colours available, 12 Classic, 12 Metallic and 6 Day Glow colours. Shaped like a 30cm tall yellow Paint Stick, the Giant Stick will look fab and stylish in any home. Perfect for children to store their Paint Sticks, unleash their creativity and quickly tidy up again. 

Count with Marshall (£19.99rrp 3+)
 – invites children to count, learning number and colour recognition with Paw Patrol

Power Treads – stunt vehicle track set (£24.99rrp, 5+): -Power Treads is a cool action stunt vehicle – where you can incorporate things from your home which the amazing vehicle will drive, roll and jump over.

See it in action on the video on Smyths toys website!

Baby Shark Sing & Snuggle £26rrp, 2+) play all day or sleep safe and sound with Baby Shark day and night time routines and games.

Hands Full (£29.99rrp, ages 8+) – the new interactive family game of twisted challenges and tangled fun. The challenge is to keep your hands full while you jump, high five, shake, dance, twist and more – while never letting go of Hands Hull!

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