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Is being a Stay-at-home parent bad for your health?

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Published on 23/01/2019

Stay-at-home parents are not getting the recommended amount of sleep and exercise which, according to doctors, could contribute to problems such as

“premature skin ageing, weakened immune systems and potentially more serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure”.

Over two-thirds of stay-at-home parents risk health problems from lack of sleep and exercise

·      69% of stay-at-home are sleeping less than seven hours per night

·      65% are not getting enough exercise

·      35% are not doing any exercise at all

·      Stay-at-home parents said they are too busy preparing meals and doing household tasks to exercise

Research by Camille, which shows how stay-at-home parents spend their time, reveals that 65% of mums and dads are not getting as much daily exercise as health experts recommend.

30% said they get less than half an hour of exercise per day. Meanwhile, 35% of stay-at-home parents said they are doing absolutely no exercise at all. Health experts recommend doing at least an hour.

The majority of stay-at-home parents said they couldn’t find the time to exercise due to the demands of household tasks, meal preparation, getting children ready for school and spending time with their kids or their partners.

Vince Sharp, director at Camille, said: “While it may seem difficult, there are ways that you can keep fit despite having kids. 

“If you’re out, you can run with your jogging stroller – although make sure everything is safe beforehand. 

“When you’re indoors, if you have stairs, take advantage of them by taking regular trips up and down them. If you have a toddler, you could even crawl around on the floor with them to give yourself a core workout!”

Camille’s research also shows that the overwhelming majority are not getting the recommended amount of nightly sleep. 69% of stay-at-home parents said they are sleeping less than seven hours per night.

Dr. Andrew Thornber, Chief Medical Officer at Now Patient, said:

“Stay-at-home parents usually have so much to juggle and cutting back on sleep can sometimes seem like a necessity to get everything completed. However, not getting enough sleep can lead to a lack of energy, which can then affect your mood and/or mental alertness. There are also long-term health impacts associated with prolonged lack of sleep including premature skin ageing, a weakened immune system, weight gain and potentially more serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.””

Dr. Andrew Thornber

What do you think? Is it being a stay-at-home parent that is damaging people’s health or just being a parent? Given that many parents work full time and still have to deal with the above lack of sleep and chores, sometimes without the support of a partner, I would conclude that parenting full stop might be detrimental to people’s health!

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