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Is There a Monster?

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Is There a Monster? by Dadsnet Member Chris Bensted


There isn’t a parenting handbook!  We get thrown into a world of unknowns and figure it out as we go. I got involved with Dadsnet having seen the support they provided to Dads in need, both in their day-to-day dadding and in moments of massive life events – both happy and sad. I found camaraderie and opportunities being given by strangers united by one thing in common: being a dad.

As part of my own Dad-journey I wrote my 3 year old a bed-time poem. A magical formula designed to banish bedtime monsters and encourage sleep. It started as ‘our thing’ with the youngest adding actions and finishing every line, but my partner suggested I should try and get it published. I saw an opportunity to show my boys that you can achieve what you set your mind to, and that creativity is a skill. Reaching out to some publishers I got interest from Austin Macauley who offered me a 50% deal. I put my money where my mouth is, and they publish it. If I am honest, I wasn’t sure! I looked at self-publication, but it was hard work in an area I knew nothing about. Some expertise seemed like a good bedfellow! As conversations developed, I realised I had another opportunity, to pay back a little of positivity that Dadsnet had given me while hopefully helping other Dads find the same. I contacted TDN founder Al, and he was as excited as I was.

It was a long process made longer by COVID. To be honest…I fell out of love with the project.  It dragged on and felt more like a burden than a passion, until I got an email stating that on the 29th April 2022 I would become a published author – I started to get excited again. The next email turned that excitement up to 11 when I appeared on Amazons books list for pre-order! Not only listed there, but Waterstones, WHSmiths, and stockists in New Zealand, Australia and America! My 11 year olds excited statement of “I saw!” was epic, though my now 5 year old probably needs the real book to be delivered to understand but did point at the illustration and say, “That’s me!”

Why am I writing this? Not because I want you to go buy a copy – but don’t let that stop you! – but to thank the community that is The Dadsnet and those behind it, both officially and in passing, who answer any call for help, support or humour! We need them all at some point.

I am now a parent, a dad, a driver trainer AND an author. Who knows where it will go from here? Next time your child can’t sleep I hope my rhyme can help you turn nightmares into a peaceful night for all of you.


If you would like to buy a copy of ‘Is there a monster?’ you can do so here: 

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