I knew that I’d neglected the garden when my brother in law’s sarcasm made an appearance at the weekend. I wouldn’t ever pride myself on my green fingers, but I do know my way around a lawn mower.

Although the state of the grass was down to pure laziness, I informed by brother in law that I was actually letting it grow, so I can give the Ego Powerplus lawn mower a thorough testing. Which is exactly what I did!

The USP that sets this lawn mower apart from the run of the mill, is that it is powered by a 56v lithium-ion battery, making it the most powerful battery powered mower on the market. Plus, the noise is severely reduced, there are no fumes and you’re not tethered to the nearest power socket by a cord, resulting in no hassle.

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I must admit, the noise was really quiet. So much so in fact that Ted didn’t perform his usual cry! He thought about it… seeing the lawn mower encouraged him to get ready but when no noise came, his readied cry turned into a nice peaceful confusion instead. 

It was also hassle free! In this modern technological world where the general expectation is, ‘turn on and go,’ and patience is a distant memory, this lawnmower holds its own. Insert the key, pull down the leaver and off you go! Easy peasy!

Even inserting the battery is idiot proof!

The cordless lawn mower charges the rechargeable battery quickly and is incredibly reliable. Other reviews even share how easy it is to get back up and running after sitting the winter out in the shed. Whilst on the subject of ‘sheds,’ this mower stores compactly with the arm folding back on itself and has a height adjustment.

Have I ever been particularly excited about mowing the lawn or lawn mowers? No, but this mower does create a certain level of pleasure when mowing. The lack of noise, the freedom to move being cordless and of course, knowing that it’s far more environmentally friendly than the others all add up to a far better mowing experience!

I’d go out on a limb and say that this is the best lawn mower I’ve ever used and certainly the best cordless lawn mower on the market!

The Ego Powerplus Lawn Mower receives an official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 and receives our award of recommendation

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