It’s Not Too Late | 10 Father’s Day Card Crafts Your Dad Will Love

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I’m absolutely staggered by how much cards cost these days – it wouldn’t be so bad if you could find exactly the one you want but a lot of the time there isn’t even a card that suits the recipient. So whilst I still have the excuse of ‘the kids made it’ I’m going to use it, plus I think it’s so much nicer to receive a homemade card than a shop bought one and you are less likely to throw it away after (unless you’re completely heartless!). So here are some ideas for some Father’s Day Card crafts which you can either make together for your own Dad or leave lying around as a hint to your other half for a card for you.

  1. An easy idea for an M&M lover.

2. A good use for all those miscellaneous puzzle pieces that are wedged down the back of our sofa.

3. A cute way to have a footprint keepsake with a sweet sentiment

4. A nice handprint keepsake and pretty easy to make!

5. Who doesn’t have pasta hanging around at home? Use it for this card!

6. For the tech mad Dad – search term could be personalised!

7. A handmade medal that would make any Dad feel chuffed

8. For the father who is a fishing fan

9. Or tap into one of Dad’s other hobbies –

10. Finally, if your Dad is Mr Tumble* then I have just the card.. (*or perhaps just a bow tie kinda guy)

Have you made a card for Dad this year or do you have any other ideas as to what to make to create an emotive keepsake? Do show us a picture!

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