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You can watch Kaleidoscope on Netflix in any order and it works

kaleidoscope on Netflix

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By Jim

Jim Coulson is a Yorkshire content writer, video maker and radio presenter who blogs under the guise of Bewildered Dad.

Published on 25/11/2022

Stories normally have a beginning, middle and end. In that order. It’s kind of been like that for centuries. Millennia. Then Quentin Tarantino came along and messed around with movie timelines in the 1990s. And now there’s a TV show that turns tradition on its head once again. Kaleidoscope on Netflix is a show where you can watch the episodes in any order and it still makes sense.

The eight episodes hit the streaming service on the 1st January, just in time for the annual hibernation after the excesses of the festive period. But how does it work and will it be worth watching? We have the details you need.

Whats the deal with Kaleidoscope on Netflix?

The eight episodes of Kaleidoscope on Netflix each have colours as titles. You take a look at the episode list, pick one to start with and then you begin what producers are calling a “unique immersive experience.” It doesn’t matter which order you make your way through the series, it will all make sense in the end.

Executive producer Russell Fine says: “when you watch Kaleidoscope, all the information is there to be able to connect the dots and know the story.” The show’s creator is Eric Garcia, and he reckons that “being able to move around and watch different orders gives you a different viewpoint on the characters.” He continues, “there are questions that are going to be asked in one episode that are answered in another episode. Similarly, there’ll be answers in an episode that you’re watching that you don’t even know are answers to something until you see the question when you watch another episode.”

With the action taking place over 25 years it is an ambitious project, but one that the team behind it say will make sense however you watch it. And each combination will bring a different perspective.

The plot

The plot of Kaleidoscope covers the 24 years before a heist and the six months afterwards. A team of criminals plot a huge payday by planning a raid on a vault that is seemingly unbreakable. The series follows their attempts to get avoid and the FBI. It is loosely based on a news story that Garcia heard about $70 billion worth of bonds got flooded in a bank basement after Hurricane Sandy. The tale sounded like the perfect cover for a bank job in Garcia’s mind and that is where the concept for Kaleidoscope on Netflix came from.

kaleidoscope on Netflix

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