14 Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool in the Heat

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  1. Becster

    Thanks for sharing these tips! The loft hatch one us genius! Giving that a go tomorrow.

  2. Chloe

    These are great tips. I woke up last night to an upset baby and went to check her room. The thermometer was 29 degrees and she was so sweaty. We’d also forgotten to put her in her summer tog grow bag, poor thing! We’re off to buy a fan today too. Hopefully that’ll help things. Great list! xx


  3. Janine Dolan

    Great list. It’s 24 degrees in the room Chloe sleeps in right now. But she’s sick and has a runny nose so I’d rather don’t underdress her. She’s wearing leggings, t-shirt and no socks. #thelist

  4. Stacey

    Some great advice. #thelist

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