Keeping traveling fun! Secrets to successful car journeys with toddlers

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With this summer looking to be full of ‘staycations’ with around 29 million brits looking to travel around the UK, here are our top tips for a successful car journey with your toddler.

Traveling with toddlers can be tough, but the right distraction methods, comfy car seats and snacks for the way can be a lifesaver every parent needs! With this summer looking to be full of ‘staycations’ with around 29 million brits looking to travel around the UK, here are our top tips for a successful car journey with your toddler.

Before you set off on your travels, think about all of the things that you usually need during your day to day life with your toddler.  Write down these essentials and make a checklist of them.  Keep the items close to hand, making sure they aren’t shoved at the back of the boot, but can be accessed quickly.  

1) Food and Snacks

Always bring along more snacks than you think you will need! If your journey is a long one, pack multiple lunchboxes, so that you have one for the main meal, and another in case you get stuck in traffic.  A hungry child is a whiny child who you don’t want to go on a car journey with!

2) Drinks

Limit drinks for the first half an hour of a car journey, then try to give them small amounts of drinks in beakers, or little juice cartons.  If they drink too much, then it can lead to lots of stops along the way because they need a wee. 

3) Wet Wipes

You should never leave the house without a baby wipe, and a car journey is no exception! One of the best tips is to leave a packet in each car door, so you can grab one when getting your child in and out of the car. 

4) Spare Clothes

Spillages and accidents are 10 times worse on the road than at home! Make sure you bring a change for any accident that happens. 

5) Favourite Toys

A favourite toy can be a lifesaver on a journey! There is nothing worse than making it onto a motorway and suddenly realising that ‘Doo Doo’ has been left at home!

6) A bag of toys

Every toddler will want to take everything from their bedroom, but let them choose a small selection. Give them a small bag to fill up, and let them pick out what they want.  As they are choosing them, they will likely want to play with them.

7) Travel Potty

Depending on how long this car journey is this can be a lifesaver.  If your child has started potty training, then it can feel regressive to be back into a nappy for a car trip. 

8) Magazines

Think the magazines that children will start screaming matches over in supermarkets, think the £5 one that has loads of games, stickers and things to do.  They can keep a child entertained for hours and can leave you with a happy kid!

9) Music CD’s

Toddler music is a wonderful distraction, and can start a lot of sing-alongs in the car!  When it comes to choosing a cd, make sure it includes music that you don’t mind listening to over and over again! 

10) Comfy Car seats

When you are on the road, you know that one of the most successful things is to ensure that your child is safe in a comfy travel seat.  One of the comfiest car seats we’ve tested out here at Dadsnet is the Graco Turn2Me.

Read the full review here.

What tips do you have for a successful car journey? 

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