Winter safety tips for babies

winter safety tips

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As the colder months approach, it’s important to think about how your little ones might be affected by the drop in temperature. Here are some top winter safety tips to make sure your baby is as safe as can be in the snowy season.

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The winter safety tips

Keeping them safe and comfortable in the car

When it’s cold outside, we all know it’s incredibly important to keep your little one wrapped up and warm in a cosy coat. However, when travelling in a car seat the size of the coat adds slack to the harness, so if there’s an accident your baby won’t be restrained properly, and could be seriously harmed.

Remove their coat in the car and place your little one into the harness without it. Then simply use the warm coat like a blanket over the top. If they keep kicking it off, pop the arms back in, this helps to hold it in place and keep them warm.

It also allows you to quickly remove the coat when the car warms up to prevent your little one from overheating. This technique keeps the coat warm for when you arrive at your destination and need to get out in the cold air.

winter safety tips

Getting a good night’s sleep 

A good night’s sleep is ideal for both parent and baby. But ensuring your little one is safe and cosy at night can be tough. Try to keep the room temperature between 16-20°c. This is the perfect temperature to ensure that your baby is comfortable, but not too hot.

Also consider what’s in their cot, as a general rule ‘less is more’. This is one of the most important winter safety tips. Remove stuffed toys, pillows and loose blankets from the cot, as these can be dangerous. If baby has warm sleep clothes on, just a tightly fitted sheet on the mattress is all that’s needed. For their first sixth months, the safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot in your room.

Keeping them healthy from within

Winter tends to bring an increase of viruses in the air. So giving your baby all the nutrients they need is vital. If they’re old enough to eat solids, try mashing up some sweet potato to get some vitamin A, vitamin C and fibre into their diet. Lentils and kale are brilliant sources of iron, which is essential for having a great immune system. You can add both to a puree, which is easy for your baby to eat too.

If you want to find out more information, the NHS page is a good place to start.

Stopping the sniffles

Babies are particularly susceptible to illness in winter because they don’t have fully developed immune systems. It’s important to take extra precautions to create a hygienic environment at home for your little one to reduce exposure to germs. Simple things like washing your hands after you’ve been out and about will lesses the chances of any nasties entering the home. 

Also ensure that your kitchen surfaces are cleaned regularly with an antibacterial spray. Any surface coming into contact with baby’s food needs to be completely clean so you don’t transmit those ill-making germs.

Strolling in the snow

Even in the cold weather we all like to get out and about in the fresh air. As it gets colder and darker, it’s vital you keep your little one at a suitable temperature. To make sure they’re warm, dress them in one layer more than you’re wearing. If you’re comfortable in a jacket outside, put baby in a jacket with a blanket on top.

Tiny hands and feet are also very susceptible to the cold, so make sure you have mittens and booties as well as a snuggly hat to keep your little one extra warm.


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