Keira Knightly Has Banned Her Children From Watching Old Disney Films! Would You?

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  1. Daniel Carter

    Cinderella is a story of a girl who wanted to party.
    A bloke found her shoe and wanted to stalk her.

    The little mermaid is a little out there I admirt, giving up a voice for legs. But isn’t that how it can feel falling in love, you loose what to say, don’t know how to feel. Feel like a fish out of water.

    Why spin it to be a feminist angle?
    They are old films. It’s a mostly outdated way of thinking.

    Plus I feel it’s short sighted on the feminests part, why be equal to men, if we are so rottern, why not be better? Why not teach better? Why not help men be better? Then the whole world is a better place? So easy to bash and hate on things, so easy to say that is wrong your wrong the world is wrong.
    Make it better.
    Help the world.
    Help the future.
    If your educated your less likely to be ignorant to all, make or female or anything in between?
    Why does it always have to be a battle?
    Why can’t we all help each other to be better?
    That’s for sure what I teach my two children. Help each other out, no matter how big or how small something is something. Doesn’t matter who does it as long as it’s done. We are a family for now and forever, we help each other no matter what for we are forever.
    Teach that and they will grow to be amazing.

    Enough trouble in the world worry gutting over old films and which sex has it the hardest, cut it out. One world. One life. Work together for the better.
    No one gets out alive anyway.

  2. Tom

    No harm in equal rights.
    Which naturally includes equal pay.

    I just wonder about equal bill paying..

  3. The Mrs

    Kiera needs to get a grip. They’re based on Fairy Tales. She bans her kids from watching Disney films but acts in them? A bit hypocritical…

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