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Key hot weather tips you need to know

Hot weather tips

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Look, we know that many people are getting cross about hot weather tips at the moment. They reckon it’s a symbol of the nanny state. But, let’s be honest…when was the last time you got sunburnt? Probably not that long ago. You see, most heatwave advice is common sense and yet we are almost all guilty of ignoring it from time to time.

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And this time it is different. Reaching the mid to high twenties is usually the sign of a British heatwave. The mercury is set to hit 40 degrees this week and the consequences of ‘being a bit forgetful’ could be much worse than on a regular summer’s day. You are less likely to ‘get away with it’ and for the vulnerable, elderly and young particularly, there is a very real risk of harm.

Remembering that advice could prevent that. And that’s got to be a good thing, right?  In a country that is just not set up for heat, let’s stay safe.

Hot weather tips

Drink plenty (not just booze)

There are few things as wonderful as a beer garden pint in the sun. But you need other fluids too. Those that don’t dehydrate you. Make sure you’re downing plenty of water, juice and even those slightly disgusting rehydration drinks you usually have after getting the runs. You’ll sweat out a lot, so replace it. Try not to drink too much alcohol in this weather, but certainly ensure you’re compensating with other liquids throughout the day.

Wear sunscreen

Look, if it’s good enough for Baz Luhrmann, it’s good enough for you.

Yes, we all like that sun-kissed Adonis look, but you need to protect your skin too. Sunburn is not a good look, feels horrendous and can lead to real damage and illness. Also, suncream often smells like coconuts and that’s always good, right? It makes you feel like you’re in the Caribbean and not an industrial estate in Coventry. This is the biggest win of the hot weather tips.


Get in the shade. It’s amazing in the sun, but you need shade too to give your body a break. A wide brimmed hat helps, but seek out trees, umbrellas, anything that takes the intense sun off you for a bit.

Stay indoors

You know when you are trying to avoid trick or treaters at Hallowe’en? Do the same with the heatwave. Get indoors and close the curtains that face the direct sunlight. It may seem a bit weird, but in a heatwave, it is often cooler inside than out, so opening the door and windows whilst you’re inside just lets more heat in. Being inside and preventing sun streaming through the window actually prevents it heating your home like a greenhouse and boiling you in your own sweat.

Ready for the hot weather

We are well aware that none of this is earth-shattering information, but it is worth a reminder. British people are officially rubbish at hot weather so we all need to remind ourselves once in a while. Enjoy the sun, let’s hope they don’t send the kids home and keep yourself safe and coconutty.


Have you got any good hot weather tips?


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