CHEESE! (What can we learn from a kids smile?)

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It was refreshing to see a post from Al Ferguson titled ‘Bizarre Reasons Toddlers Cry’ ( If you have not seen it you can find it here. The post made me laugh as I could relate to so many!

As my outlaws live at the other end of the country, we post a lot of photos of our sons on Facebook so that they can see how their grand kids are doing.
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This has lead to a lot of comments from Facebook friends like ‘Olly is always smiling!’ and ‘what a cheeky grin, he’s always happy!’

90% of the time he is happy but we don’t tend to post photos of him when he is crying or distressed! However as you can see from the small selection of photos above we do have plenty of his ‘cheeky grin!’

In this blog I want to celebrate the grin/smirk/ smile/ cheese. I tried to think what makes my son Oliver smile to kick things off and struggled. The answer is ‘Everything!’ Everything from my mummy tucking her hair behind her ear to messing with the filters on snap chat!

I think we can learn something from our kids who like Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan stories only have room for one emotion. Without a doubt the best feeling in he world is walking through the door after a long day at work and seeing your kid beaming back at you.
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Oliver’s smiles are contagious but this only accounts for about 10% of my day. Why cant we be more like our kids and feel like this 90% of the day and save the other 10% for stressing?

(if we we have to!)

Read on to find out what others said makes their kids smile.

‘What Makes Your Kid Smile?’ Answers From The Dad Network

  • ‘Funny Faces’
  • ‘When girls talk to him he gets excited’
  • ‘Blowing on her ribs’
  • ‘Fart noises!’
  • ‘Feet are so ticklish she screams’
  • ‘Guess what……….chicken butt. Works every time for my little girl!
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  • ‘Splashing in the bath or at swimming’
  • ‘Smiles at splashing in water and has a secret smile from the t-rex in the Good Dinosaur’

Some of the cheesy grin photos from The Dad Network:

We’d love to see the cheese grins of your little ones, so feel free to share them in a comment below or with us on Facebook.

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