What Would Your Kids Spend £5000 On? #LittleSpenders, 27144473710 e6c5c4f8b6 k%, lifestyle%

What Would Your Kids Spend £5000 On? #LittleSpenders

If you asked an adult that same question, they’d probably say something along the following lines:

  • Get the carpets cleaned
  • Pay off the credit card
  • Put it in a savings account

At a push, you might find some adults who would use it go on a family holiday.

What Would Your Kids Spend £5000 On? #LittleSpenders, 27144473710 e6c5c4f8b6 k%, lifestyle%

But if you ask the same question to a child, suddenly the imagination kicks in and their creative flair takes over. They might say something like this:

  • A robot to tidy up their toys
  • A space ship to fly to Mars in
  • A bouncy castle made entirely from jelly
  • X-Ray goggles
  • A speed boat

Obviously, 5k won’t go a long way to some of those things, but who am I to dampen a child’s enthusiasm and creativity with realism. (Welcome to the UK education system). In fact, Foresters Friendly Society, are asking children all round the UK exactly this question in order to find out just how children understand money. They’re running a competition asking parents to get creative with their kids and draw or paint their dream spending plans for £5000 – no matter how silly or off-the-wall that might be.

What Would We do?

As part of getting their competition kick started, I sat down with sport crazy, Louis, aged 11 to see what he would do with £5000. This is what he came up with:

What Would Your Kids Spend £5000 On? #LittleSpenders, IMG 5531%, lifestyle%

Genius I think!

A sports swimming pool, with a hot tub, Sonos surround sound, a basketball net & of course, a self serve slushy machine.

Your Chance to Win!

So if you fancy having a go at getting your child’s (and your) creative juices flowing AND be in with a chance of winning £200 of Love2shop vouchers and a National Trust annual family membership, simply follow the instructions below.

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What Would Your Kids Spend £5000 On? #LittleSpenders, ec77a02838b7d9ad93831e241173944f?s=90&r=g%, lifestyle%
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