Laughter: The best pregnancy medicine

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Us dads are told and warned about the different phases during pregnancy. The emotional phase, the uncomfortable phase, the body changes phase, the moody phase, the crying phase and just about every phase under the sun…except…the uncontrollable laughter phase. 

The video above is of the wife laughing hysterically. Perhaps she’s laughing at a comedy film or a comedy tv show? Maybe I’m a secret comic genius and I’ve cracked a joke? Or maybe she is laughing at absolutely nothing!!! The answer is the latter of the three. Nothing. That’s right, she’s laughing that hard at nothing. 

We were lying in bed, just drifting off when she burst out laughing. Uncontrollable laughter! Tears were streaming from her eyes, she couldn’t breathe, nearly wet herself, had to run to the loo. You know, real deep belly, hysterical laughter. So what is this about? I asked Dr Google…who put me straight on to Dr Babycentre. And it turns out there are a select few women who are also experiencing this. I’m obviously one of the lucky dads who is experiencing this phase. Mind you, it’s a darn sight better than uncontrollable fits of crying! (Not that we’ve had uncontrollable fits of crying! #luckydaddy) I’ll take laughter any day. Plus, it keeps me amused. 

You might think as well, that this phase is confined to the house. You’d be wrong. We were in a restaurant on holiday last week and the couple next to us thought an estranged wild animal was let loose. It’s obviously a phase that the wife doesn’t mind sharing with members of the public. Or it might just be the fact she has as much control over it as Lindsey Lohan does at a celebrity party. 

Now I know about it, I try to set it off. Which you’d think is easy, but it is totally random and at nothing in particular. She doesn’t even know what she’s laughing at. 

They say laughter is the best medicine… I’m not holding my breathe but if she can laugh her way through the rest of the pregnancy and the labour…I’ll be inclined to agree.

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