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In today’s day and age we have come to accept all kinds of things.
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Things that weren’t accepted years ago. Yet we still struggle to accept dads being dads.

A prime example, being stay-at-home-dads.
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For one reason or another, society still struggles to accept the male taking on the primary care giving role. But why? Mums can stay at home to look after the children, cook the meals, clean the house etc.
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but when a dad chooses to do these things, society seems to question it.

How can a dad stay at home with the children and let their spouse go out and earn the money?

That’s just wrong!

No! No it is not!

In fact, I find it very attractive when a man wants to have a lot of input in their children’s lives, wants to be there for all the firsts; their first crawl, first steps, first word.

That is why if we can help it, I prefer my Fiancé not do overtime at work. We’d both rather that he finishes work as soon as he can so that he can get home and spend quality time with his children.

We need to welcome dads that want to be present in their children’s lives.

Don’t mishear me, I’m not saying that parents should not do overtime or go out to work. If that suits your lives then that’s great.

But I find it extremely sad when people think that money is what is best for their children.

I read the British Social Attitude Survey and found the results shocking. When it comes to men staying at home or working part-time, society still finds it very difficult to accept.

Here are the results:

• 33% said that a woman should stay at home with their children
• 43% stated that a woman should work part-time
• 28% saying that a woman should go back to work full-time once her children are in school

However, it is a very different story when it comes to dad:

• 5% saying that a dad should work part-time
• 73% stating that a dad should work full-time.

Our children won’t remember how much money we had, what things we brought them, if our sofa was top of the range. What our children will remember is how much time and love with gave them.

So before you judge that stay at home dad just be grateful that they want to be so involved in the raising of their children’s lives.

Us mums are lucky that we have found such devoted Daddys.

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