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Letter to my son on his first day of school

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Dearest Son,

It’s safe to say that I am not ready for this day. You are, though. I know you are. But I am most certainly not.

It feels like only last week you were born; tiny and wrapped in blankets in my arms. How have the years passed so quickly? Where have they gone?

I don’t feel like I made the most of every second I had with you because now all of those seconds are gone. And the truth of the matter is that you’re no longer just mine and your mummy’s little baby. You’re now your own person. And we have to learn to share you.

This is the first day of your journey away from us and into your own life. We’ve helped you make decisions every step of the way, guided you and held your hand. We’ve been there to catch when you’ve fallen and to help pick you up. We’ve been there when you couldn’t work out your next steps. we’ve been there to guide you and encourage you. We’ve been a team.

But now,

You’ll begin to do those things on your own.

It’s not that we don’t think you’ll be ok, you will. More than ok! You know what you’re doing only too well. We know that. But we have to step back and watch you take your own steps, make your own decisions, forge your own paths and show the world what they’ve been missing up until now.

From here on in, you’ll be more and more independent.

As you head off on this exciting adventure, I want you to know some things that I wish I’d known.

Be you. Don’t ever lose your personality. Never change. There will be people who don’t like it for whatever reason, but that’s their issue, not yours. Be who you are because you’re wonderfully unique, precious and loved exactly as you are. Be you. You are wonderful.

Friendships come and go. Some will inspire you, some will hurt you. Either way, they can make you stronger if you let them.

Don’t stop questioning. So many children go into education and as they do, their inquisitive nature about the world around them diminishes. Always ask why, no matter how irritated the teacher becomes. I’ll always back you when I get called in ;)

I won’t lie to you, the next 13+ years of school and education are going to throw some hard times in your direction. You’ll have to navigate your way through peer groups, tough academic moments and a world groaning under the strain of social media. Never forget yourself – it’s ok to be selfish sometimes and put yourself first.

I can’t wait for you to come home and tell me all the things you learn at school; be a sponge and absorb as many facts, theories, and possibilities as you can. Take them everywhere you go in the world.

You mustn’t worry if there are things you’re not good at. We can’t all be good at everything (except you dad, of course…) But you must try everything. Give it a go, if you don’t like it or you excel elsewhere, at least you gave it a go and explored the possibilities in front of you.

Say yes to as much as you can. If there’s an opportunity, grab it. It’s easier to say yes now and no later than the other way round.

My love is unconditional.

I’ve watched you over your first few years, every day. We’ve played together, eaten together, explored together. You have taught me as much, if not more than I have taught you. You made me a new and better person. You have helped me grow as much as you yourself have grown. You have grown into a wonderful little boy, with so many amazing parts to who you are. I don’t think that I could be any prouder to give the world my precious boy. Even if your teachers only see a tiny fraction of what I see, they will adore you.

And lastly, whatever route you take through life, I’ll be here, right by your side ready to catch you if you fall and celebrate when you fly.

With all my love,




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  1. Dan

    Lovely letter!

    Such a major day in their life and yours.

    The next stage will be another big adventure though and I loved watching the independence that follows.

  2. Ray

    You couldn’t of said it better my friend, your a solid DAD!!


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