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Pre-children, my adventurous activities consisted of the following:

  • 3 Peak challenge (which I smashed in 22 hours btw)
  • Rock climbing most weekends
  • Long weekends mountaineering & fell running in Scotland & Wales
  • Mountain biking
  • Ironman

Post-children, adventurous activities look a little different, however.

  • Getting dressed in the morning
  • Having a shower whilst keeping a 2-year-old amused
  • Going to Sainsbury’s
  • Drinking a coffee in the morning

It’s true the extra adrenaline flowing through your body when you’re trying to do these things isn’t entirely dissimilar to my previous life’s activities.

Ok, perhaps these activities are probably more of a challenge than an adventure as such, but my point is that once you have children life looks very different and it is completely true that every day is an adventure in its own right.

Since Ted was born, along with his Grandpa, Ted and I head out for a walk most weekends. To start with he was in the baby carrier, but has since learnt to walk, run about and explore all on his own. Although this is just a walk to the local woods, each time it feels like a mini adventure. We always discover something new; recently it was toad stools!

Now he is that little bit bigger, we also always carry a small backpack, which I like to refer to as our own little survival pack. It contains some essentials; a train, his comforter, a leaf from yesterday, a wooly hat, some snacks and a drink. We’ve recently teamed up with The Super Yummies & LittleLife and we now have this cool (and very practical) backpack that we’re currently using as our survival pack and it came with snacks containing real ingredients and real tastes.

The Super Yummies snack range contain only naturally occurring sugars and salt and have been developed by nutritionists, so they’re specifically tailored to toddlers. I love that The Super Yummies are so natural because giving him something from their range for a snack leaves me without guilt! And he asks for food a lot! (Like his dad!)

What’s also great about The Super Yummies range is that the packaging is ideal for on the go. Not only does it keep the food fresh, but they’re also excellent for keeping for later.

Once we’re stocked up and ready to go again, we continue our journey into adventure. Usually followed by a sleep in the car on the way home.

The beauty of having children is that adventure comes in all different shapes and sizes. By definition adventure is all about exploration and excitement and having children is continuous exploring and continuous excitement. Ted and I built a camp in the living room and that was filled with learning and non-stop fun.

Whether it’s out and about in the woods or in your own home building a den, colouring, reading fab books, making a cake or painting a picture, life with toddlers is filled with adventure.

And it’s utterly exhausting! But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Tell us about your daily adventures by leaving a comment? And you can even win your own discovery pack from The Super Yummies and LittleLife by entering our giveaway, for free, below.

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  1. emma walters

    living the post-children adventure dream! took a huge amount of organisation & patience just to get to the park with three children this morning & still left one glove and a shin pad at home!!!! remembered coffee though ;)

    • Al Ferguson

      Oh my goodness! getting to the park (and back) is such an adventure! You deserve a medal for remembering the coffee! Ha!

  2. Marc Carter

    And if they have special needs you may still find the simplest of things challenging when your child is in their teens. I’m not allowed to sit down and have a drink, my son wants me to do things, he will insist I do what he wants.

    When they are little you can fend them off, when they are as big as you they can pretty much pick you up and take you to where they want you to be! I’m looking forward to mine returning to school tomorrow so I can have my break now they’ve had their Christmas holiday. I may just spend all day sat drinking tea!

  3. Sinead

    We moved counties (a five hour drive) we now live up the road from the beach and we try to go to the beach every day for a walk even though my 16 month old will lose the plot of her shoes get any sand on them We are planning our hikes for when the other halfs mother comes to visit

  4. Yenny

    Baking cupcakes with my DD is always an adventure!

  5. Dave Kislingbury

    When we used to stay at my parent felt like we was packing for a week away but NO just 2 nights pack slightly less now that little one is 15 months but still feels like far to much for just a weekend

  6. Fiona jk42

    I love that with kids you get to experience the excitement of seeing things for the first time, all over again. We took our 20 month old granddaughter to the aquarium. She loved it, and was absolutely mesmerised by the fish and kept pointing at them and saying “wayoo” (which means whale and is what she currently calls any type of fish, dolphin, whale etc.) Can’t wait to take her to the zoo, the natural history museum and all those other great places that my own kids so enjoyed when they were young.

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