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What coat does Dracula wear in the rain? A wet one.

Loose Dads is nothing more complex than a group of dads with varying experiences discussing varying experiences of being dad. From relationships, to politics, to work, to securing ‘me time,’ and the latest news this hilarious podcast is filled with stories of seamless fathering highs and calamities. 

Hosted by a myriad of radio professionals from the likes of Global and Bauer Media, Loose Dads is an exceptionally well-produced podcast that brings the world’s current happenings into the context of seeking to be the best dads we can be.

You won’t stop laughing… except when the subject turns serious, which as all parents know, does happen from time to time.

And let’s not forget the weekly features of ‘Loose Trumps’ & the great Dad joke off! This really is THE Dad podcast to listen to.

Released every Friday, be sure to subscribe, rate, review and join Jim, Sparky, Jack & Brad each week.

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