Losing Weight & The Risk Of Over-restricting Your Diet

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Do you think about losing weight? Do you want to lose weight? The New Year is in full swing and you’ve decided to commit to living a healthier lifestyle for your family.  Now it’s time to discuss a common mistake that people make in their approach to weight loss.


And not eating it.

It is a misconception that eating significantly less will result in the weight loss you are seeking. While in the short term, when you restrict your caloric intake you may begin to lose weight.

However maintaining this pattern of shedding pounds will be nearly impossible. This is due to your metabolism.

Over-restricting calories can slow down your metabolism making it difficult to burn the calories you do consume.
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Your body has a natural tendency to slow down if you are not meeting its required nourishment to maintain energy levels and typical body function.

Although your mind understands what you are trying to accomplish by eating less, your body doesn’t care. The primary concern of your body it to function optimally and will speak to you loudly when this is not realized. As your body slows down you will become fatigued or frustrated and reach for caloric replenishment with a vengeance.

Resuming your previous eating habits or bingeing after sending your body into survival mode through staged famines, will coax your system into storing fat resulting in weight gain.

Remember, your body wants to survive, and through extreme dieting you have told it that you do not know where and when the next meal will come from. Storing fat ensures there will be an internal food source for your body to live off of during bouts of famine.

So how do you make your metabolism work for you?

At the most basic level we can use the analogy of building a fire. You start with your kindling and tinder for a quick ignition (healthy breakfast), and you continually stoke your fire throughout the day, frequently adding timbers to burn (small meals and snacks).
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Without the timbers, the fire would dwindle and extinguish, slowing your metabolism. Adversely, adding excess wood and oxygen to the fire (over eating) will cause it to grow to an uncontrollable level.

The relationship between the foods you eat and exercise is instrumental in achieving the results you want to see. If you are a dad aiming to build on being healthy for his family, good nutrition and training must go hand in hand.

Eat healthy, eat often and listen to what your body needs.
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Seek balance in your dieting habits – try not to find yourself too hungry or too full.
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Mathew is writes for “YOUAREdadTOme…”. Find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. martyn

    A very good and helpful blog post.

    This time last year I started my diet. I went from a 38″ waist to a 30″ waist in for months.

    But before I did I made sure I did my research on dieting and correct foods.

    You’re completely right when you say that extreme dieting and restricting your calories will only make your body enter survival mode. I was lucky to see a nutritionist they had me on a calorie intake based on a 21 day cycle. Each level was lowered to stop my body from becoming a comfortable at that metabolic rate. And subsequently slowing down. I am incredibly short and have very little muscle mass so by the last month I was consuming between 950-1000 calories a day.

    In that time I was also taught and learnt about healthy balanced eating. Which I took on fully. No weight gain since and still eating three meals a day. Not once did I feel hungry or did I skip a meal.

    Perfect advice here Mathew. Balance in dieting habits as well as regular eating habits is very important.

    • Mathew Lajoie

      That’s an amazing story, Martyn. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like you were meticulous about your goals and went about in all the right ways. Truly inspiring!

  2. Mike Smith

    I loved the fire analogy. I’m not really trying to lose weight but I have been feeling sluggish lately and I’m sure it’s because I’m not eating as healthy as I should.

  3. Karen

    Brilliant advice. So important to maintain a healthy weight through a healthy balanced diet and exercise.
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars

  4. Urban Mumble

    It’s strange this whole dieting thing. More and more people go on diets but so few manage keep the weight off. Public health campaigns just fail. The people who are already eating well just eat better while the majority don’t make any successful changes. I have written quite a few posts about healthy diet and exercise but I am still struggling to figure out where is it that it goes wrong for most people. Sometimes it looks like a hopeless battle. Regardless of all the advice out there, all the campaigns, the best will in the world (so many people genuinely want to loose wight and keep the weight off), somehow the overweight and obesity figures just keep on climbing up. There must be something fundamentally wrong with our “conventional dieting wisdom”. My guess is the culprit is sugar. That stuff is everywhere and most of us are having waaaay too much of it without even knowing it.

    Anyways, great post! I love the fire analogy!

  5. Green Tea

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