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I’m a man. I like football. I like wrestling. I’ve recently discovered that I like pro bull riders on extreme sports channel. I like mountains and climbing. I like running. Yesterday I played football in the rain, wind and cold. I like getting muddy. I like a challenge. I like cars. I like bikes. I like fixing things. I quite like organising my shed. I really like beer. I like burping and I really like scratching. I fart a lot. I love action films. I like driving. I like being strong. I like not crying. I like thinking I’m in charge. I like motor sports. I like American football. I like watching documentaries about manly things on the discovery channel and I really like, above all these things, pretending that I don’t need emotions. 

I like, ‘being a man.’ 

What I really really like is walking into gap baby department and my heart melting, holding up a baby grow and shouting at my wife to say how cute ‘Rex’ would look in it. It turns out that between my wife and my ‘en route’ baby, they are responsible for me understanding what it is to be a man. A man loves and a man does have those emotions. A man can like all of the above things but a man must also realise that love is real and it’s important to love like a man. That’s what I like most… Loving my family. 
Thank you baby Gap for helping on me this journey. 

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