How to make any Step Mums or Role Models feel special on Mother’s Day

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With nearly 1 in 10 dependent children living in a stepfamily in 2011, as sourced from The National Archives, it would be difficult to comprehend how many children come in contact with either Step Parents or Role Models now.

When you meet a new partner and they have small children, you do adopt a mothering role. From outfit choices, many hours of play-doh or building Lego houses. Each thing you do is important to you and the children you are spending time with.

So I wonder how each family approaches days like Mother’s Day when you are a blended family? I speak from the perspective of a Role Model. Days before my first Mother’s Day, in 2016, I felt so awkward and I had no expectation for any acknowledgement at all. So when the little lady came in with a card she had made with her Daddy, I was overwhelmed and put it in our memory box to treasure. I thought this would be an ideal time to put together a homemade gift guide for those important Step Mums or Role Models.

Handmade cards

I can’t begin to tell you how much that will mean to your other half. Shop bought cards for step-parents or role models are difficult to find and it’s even harder to find the right phrasing.

Sitting down with your children to create a card that comes straight from the heart will be something she will treasure forever. 

A photo in a frame

I find that I am always behind the camera taking all of the precious photos capturing all the special moments. But to see a photo of me and little lady makes my heart soar.

Don’t underestimate the power of a photo. Choosing a beautiful frame to display it in will bring so much joy.
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A handmade gift using their favourite toys

Children can use their creativity to hand make special jewellery by using beads/pasta and threads or using baking clay to make a bunch of flowers or an ornament. Homemade perfume is great fun to make and flower petals can be added for a special touch.

Let your small children chose a gift

Children have a wonderful understanding of the adults around them. From noticing that they put hand cream on every morning to knowing a Step Mum or Role Model’s favourite colour. Let the children choose a gift and you’ll be surprised by what they pick and their reasons behind it.
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You could always ask the children to design the wrapping paper or to wrap the gift themselves for an extra special touch.

I hope that you have found some good ideas from the post. Never forget it isn’t the big things it’s the little things too. Just saying thank you is always a good place to start.

If you are a Step Mum or Role Model understand how important your role is and that every snuggle from a small person is because they truly love you. You are a wonderful person for loving your partner’s child and respecting their wishes and always being supportive.

Do you have a step-parent in your life or your child’s life? How do you celebrate with them?

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