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Mama Bliss meet Papa Bliss

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 15/07/2014

Mama Baby Bliss is a company set firmly on nurturing & pampering mums and mums to be. This is very important and from a dads point of view, it’s simply marvellous to find a company that has done half the work for us! 

However, they now have a product that is purely for dads. And not only is it for dads, but it is also encouraging dads to be ‘hands on.’ Now that’s music to my ears! 

Here’s what they say:

Research has shown that new dads can feel alienated from the whole parenting experience in those first few months.  Bath time is a special time where daddy can really get involved and enjoy some special bonding with their baby, which is why MamaBabyBliss has launched the Daddy’s Magic Bag of Bathtime Bliss.

The magic bag of bath time bliss is nothing short of a dads nightmare if it were for him to use himself! Award winning massage oils and bath wash, a flannel, a rubber duck and a wash bag. In 26 years of walking this earth I have never used massage oils, bath wash, a wash bag or a flannel…the rubber duck however… 

But, and it’s a big but…this isn’t for us dads to use on ourselves. It’s encouraging us to spend time with our little ones and that is priceless and worth every effort. It’s even worth holding a flannel! And it is for this sole reason that The Dad Network highly recommends getting one of these little bags of bath time magic. It’s a great encourager for dads to get involved. 

They provide a pretty detailed little booklet of instructions on how to use massage oils and bath wash and a flannel. It’s as if they have pre-empted the fact that dads don’t know about these things. Well, they are right. 

In all honesty, it’s not really about this product. This is a good product and a great gift to fathers; the oils are natural and have a load of good things in them, but it’s about dads spending quality time with their babies. It is hard with work and everything that goes on, but carving out time to bond with your baby is essential, vital, crucial or which ever word you choose to use. A huge thumbs up to Mama Bliss for promoting this. 

If you want to look into it further then take a look at there website:

The Dad Network love the principle behind the quality products so we do highly recommend this. 

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