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Some of you may remember that ‘Friends’ episode where Joey gets a “sophisticated man bag.” He starts off being shy, but soon is very proud of his new wardrobe accessory. But…by the end he realises that it is in fact, a female bag. No matter what’s in it, how he wore it or how he held it…it was a feminine bag. 

Now, the point of this is that everywhere I look, I see a dad with his partners nappy bag. A girly bag. A feminine bag. A bag that clearly is not his! Yet he wears it without a care in the world. Surely these dads feel like wallies! I would. Why is it ok for a man to use a women’s bag, as long as it has nappies, wipes and a bottle in it? It’s not! 

The problem here is that there is a gap in the market and anyone savvy enough to steal this idea, would make a fortune. It seems near impossible to purchase a stylish nappy bag for a man. Sure, you can buy a bag designed for men, but it doesn’t have all the compartments, bottle thermo bit and a matching changing mat. Why doesn’t someone design one? I’d buy it! Dads need nappy bags as much as mums and there really is nothing worse than a dad carrying round tan leather, yummy mummy, wipe clean, floral, mamas and papas, mothercare or bugaboo oversized and glorified handbag! 

As it stands, I’m protesting and using the Barbour bag you can see above. (Bought by my wife: I am that lucky I know!) A great looking bag, a very practical and well sized bag and a perfect bag for a man, especially one with good taste. But … it doesn’t have all those extra bits I mentioned. Perhaps Barbour might design one in the near future. (By 28th July would be helpful!) 

There you go, if I had some money to invest… I’d be designing a mans nappy bag. Come on dads, time to dad up the baby accessories. 

This is the wife’s…

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