The new Omicron variant should not affect Christmas

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Omicron is the new Covid variant in town, and it looks like it is here to stay over Christmas. 

With more and more cases of Omicron being spotted in the UK.  What do you as a parent need to know?

Thankfully the government doesn’t have any plans to put a lockdown on Christmas like 2020.   Health Secretary Sajid Javid told families to plan for Christmas “as normal” despite new rules to combat the Omicron coronavirus variant.

In another statement, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that  ‘British people are incomparably better placed to fight the disease’ due to the UK’s vaccine rollout of the past year.

South Africa is reporting that the Omicron virus is a milder variant of Covid 19, however, to protect the wider community, the UK government is requiring people to wear face masks in shops and on public transport in England from Tuesday 30th November.

In Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland face coverings are still mandatory on public transport and many indoor areas.


What sort of face-covering is best for protecting my family?

The best face covering should have:

  • have a nose wire
  • have at least two/three layers of material
  • fit snugly over mouth, nose and chin

The highest level of protection is provided by FFP3 masks worn by healthcare workers in high-risk settings. A recent study found FFP3 masks could provide up to 100% protection against Covid.

While you can buy FFP3 masks, but they won’t provide the highest protection unless fitted correctly.


What are your thoughts on the new variant Omicron?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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