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Maternity clothes

I know what you’re thinking… This is quite a ‘mummy blog’ type of post. However, if we look a bit deeper I think all dads would agree that this area is very important for us dads. I have certainly felt the full force of the daily emptying of the wardrobe onto the bed, and the following frustrated sentence, “Nothing fits me and I’m just fat.”

I think that is a mans/dads worst nightmare sentence. I have tended to edge out of the door in silence rather than embroil myself in the loosing battle minefield of that particular conversation. Until… 
We found this, when maternity clothe shopping. 
Maternity clothes, blogger image 1546495535 225x300%, uncategorised%
No, not a model! But the wrap she is wearing. It’s from JoJo Maman Bebe and is £29.
This top is a wrap type of garment that is designed to fit a pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. ANY STAGE!!! Amazing, long gone are the days of saying nothing fits… Because this always will. And it looks great too. It’s a really smooth feel and comes in a good colour selection! black being good as it goes  with most things. It’s quite easy to put on, even from my man perspective and the wife tells me it’s really comfy. She’s worn it to work and casually  and works in either scenario. The price tag is a bit pricey, but in my opinion, it’s more than worth it. ANY STAGE!!! She wears it over leggings (which are another amazing piece of clothing for pregnancy), over pencil skirts that sit under the bump or her maternity jeans, which I don’t really rate! 
Dads, get one of these to have in your armoury! At the very least it will equip you to have something you can suggest on those empty wardrobe mornings. 
#neversayshesfat ;) 

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