Maxi Cosi Axissfix Car Seat Review – Which Car Seat?

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  1. Rebecca mccall

    Hi, great review, I’ve been looking into this since I was pregnant with my now 5 month old son.. I’d just like to ask (if you know) are the Isofix points removable if the car doesn’t have Isofix anchor points?

    Love your blog / instagram, it’s great to see such a dedicated husband & father!

    • Al Ferguson

      Hi rebecca, thanks so much for your feedback and comments :) Yes, the Isofix points are retractable so you can slide them away. I haven’t tried to fix with the seat belt so not sure about how you fix it though. Hope that’s relatively helpful. :)

  2. Margaret

    Hi Al, I was interested to read a review of this seat as I understand this seat is both swivelling and rear facing. One thing you do not mention in your review is that the axiss fix only rear faces until approximately two years of age. At that price it’s probably better to go for something like the Britax Dualfix which will rear face until approximately 4 years of age, providing a far greater measure of protection for the child, and also swivels.

    • Al Ferguson

      Hi Margaret, thanks for your comment. The reason for not mentioning it was because I was unaware. I thought that this car seat rear faced until the child outgrows it? I’ll double check with Maxi-Cosi though. Thanks.

      • Holly

        Did you find an answer to this Al?

  3. Kelly

    We love this car seat and have it in turquoise for our little girl. Love the swivel – it’s life changing ! Great review !

  4. Patricia García

    After a long research, We went for the 2way pearl, just because this one would fit better given that we have a tiny car. :-D plus we can use the family fix with other maxi cosi as the cabrio fix, pearl and pebble. :-D♥ thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  5. Alex

    Hi Al, have you done any research on the safety of 360 swivel seats vis a vis standard mechanisms?
    On the internet there is a lot of fuss about the Nuna Rebl and the Joie 360 seats which failed the ADAC (German AA equivalent) safety tests I believe due to this feature.
    We are considering a 360 seat for our 1 yr old for the convenience of getting her in and out, but there is the niggling doubt that this mechanism will fail in certain circumstances!
    That is the reason we are tempted to go for 2 Way Pearl over AxissFix.
    Best, Al

    • Al Ferguson

      My honest opinion would be to go with a Maxi-Cosi or Cybex. More expensive, but I tihnk you get the secure knowledge that they’re safe. We had Joie and Ted could get out of it himself!!!

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