Maxi Cosi Loola Pushchair – Which Pushchair again?

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Imagine being a test driver for Ferrari? Or a test pilot for fighter jets? Or even an aeroplane engine bird proof tester… apparently, this is actually a real job. Someone fires poultry into an aeroplanes engine to see what happens and whether the engine can withstand a bird hitting the propeller …

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anyway, being a ‘tester’ of some description is always an honour I reckon.

So when we were invited to The Baby Show London Olympia to test out the Maxi Cosi Loola pushchair, we jumped at the chance.

After having a very thorough tutorial by a very helpful Maxi Cosi rep, we wheeled it off to put it through its paces. And by this I mean, wheeling it back through the hustle and bustle of London!

Here’s what we thought:

# The wheels are small and nimble which was really helpful navigating our way through the thousands of busy, grumpy Londeners. In order to lock the wheels in a straight position their is a very helpful button located high on the chassis so you’re not fumbling around the wheels trying to lock them in 1 position. Ingenious!

# The seat is fully reclinable making it suitable from new born to roughly 3 1/2 years. It also comes with a wonderful, snuggly pod to wrap your precious bundle of joy up in. The boy did look cosy! Or rather ‘cosi’…. That had to be done! My sincere apologies!

# The collapsing mechanism is really clever too. You need both hands and a leg, but it’s smooth and simple. This is not one of those push chairs that you need to spend hours practicing in order to master it. The simplest among us could pick it up within seconds.

Push chair

# The seat can be positioned rearward facing and forward facing and it is very easy to change over. The clever thing here is that when you’re putting the seat back in, you have to put 1 side in first and then the second, rather than precariously lining up the both sides whilst bending your back where it probably shouldn’t bend.

# Huge carry basket.

# Obviously takes a Maxi Cosi car seat!
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(Although you do need the adapters… odd…!)

We did have a couple of considerations to think about though:

# For such a thin chassis, this pushchair does seem to weigh quite a bit! I believe it’s about 17kg… probably too heavy for the wives pigeon wings to lift into the boot on a regular basis!

# The handle bar, although it is adjustable, feels as though I could snap it off at any moment.

However, despite being pretty strong mind you (kissing the guns), it probably wouldn’t break but as a man, I like things to feel strong!

All in all, we really liked this pushchair. It was great to test out and we think it’s well worth having a look. If you think it’s well worth having a look… click here!

Which pushchair? Well, you can see our other pushchair reviews here and here which might help you decide!

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