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    Just thinking we should use our slow cooker more. Especially days we both work and get back with the children around 6pm.
    Often cool a joint of pork or gammon in it but haven’t done much else. Tried green Thai tonight but turned out a bit watery.

    Any one have any good recipes/ideas on what to try next. To make it harder, I don’t eat tomatoes!

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    I love doing free stuff!

    The forest is great. Collecting big sticks and cones.

    Blackberry picking

    The beach – sandcastles and hunting for shells

    Puddle hunting and kicking leaves in the autumn.


    Building stuff using the contents of recycling bin. (Trouble is they then want to keep it 🤦🏼‍♂️)

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    Patience, understanding and not take things to heart.

    I found it so hard when my wife had post natal depression. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Why she was being so unreasonable. It hasn’t gone away and my eldest is 7 now.

    I still don’t fully understand it, and don’t think I ever will.

    But I can read it better. Know when to comment…[Read more]

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    Dan Allison replied to the topic Jobs in the forum Off Topic 12 months ago

    Electrical contracts manager.

    Came off the tools a couple of years ago. Now office based. Trained during and straight from school.

    Now manage some of the guys that trained me through my apprenticeship. Enjoy my work and have a great boss!

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    Modelling good money behaviour is key for our children’s development. We need to know where our money goes and make sure that it lines up with our values. Budgeting is not exactly the most interesting thing in l […] Dan Allison, money 2724241 640%, %