Ryan A F

  • Hi Matt, I did follow Dominic’s advice and it’s worked a treat! We’ve been getting on really well since and there has only been a couple of short stints of the old behaviour. Thanks for your advice, and good luck with the job hunting…having been let go twice in the last 11 months I can fully appreciate your issue! Thanks again, Ryan.

  • Hi Dominic, sorry for not responding sooner but I wanted to give your advice some real time before letting you know how it’s gone – it’s worked fantastically! I’ve been getting loads of affection since. I also stopped looking at my phone until after I put her down which I think has helped massively. I really appreciate your advice, thank you! Ryan

  • Hi. I’ve just joined purely for advice on my current situation. I’ve just been out of work for 2 and a half months. I’ve started a new job which involves long hours and my daughter has started being awful to me. She VERY rarely kisses or hugs me (never at bed time), she keeps saying that she doesn’t like me and telling my wife that I have been…[Read more]

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