• Maybe I’m being unreasonably complex with my arguments here, I’d rather simplify my points enough that people can understand them and find some common ground. I don’t want to be overly blunt with my language, but it’s very frustrating that I can’t convey why the current system is more fair to my daughter than it is to my son.

    The fact that men…[Read more]

  • Alright, that’s entirely fair. I can’t convince you to read/understand my point of view nor to be logically consistent with your arguments. I’m not just here to argue with emotionally driven people who aren’t interested in understanding their own logical fallacies. Your argument basically boils down to the idea that women shouldn’t be trusted with…[Read more]

  • Yeah he’s thinking with the wrong head, we’ve already established that. He shouldn’t just trust that women are telling him the truth/behaving rationally when they say they can’t get pregnant, but she did blatantly lie to him, it happens all the time in unhealthy relationships. You’re still talking as though he tied these women up and impregnated…[Read more]

  • Thanks man. Hey I’m not perfect just lucky. I’ve been there, been with the girls who will say they can’t get pregnant due to this or that medical thing, or claim to be on the pill but routinely forget to take it, I’ve had some close calls but luckily found the woman of my dreams on the other side, without dragging child support payments along with…[Read more]

  • How is this at all a helpful response? People want to have to sex, and men have far fewer options for birth control that don’t reduce the pleasure of sex or involve permanent sterilization (rather counter productive to becoming a father). Education/research doesn’t always result in people making the right choice. All the research shows that being…[Read more]

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    You only need enough empathy to acknowledge that your partner might feel like she can’t communicate with you, and that she might be more upset about the lack of open communication than the division of household chores. Talk to her, stop pretending that it won’t make a difference, and don’t get offended if she initially sounds like she doesn’t want…[Read more]

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    Haha, too good to be true. I’m an IT Security Specialist, but since OP is so important I’m sure I can let a few hackers past the firewall while I fetch him a well deserved cup of tea :D No matter if your job involves preventing security threats, or literally preventing deaths of women and children, no one should be to busy to acknowledge a sperm…[Read more]

  • I was in such a rush to really jump in and provide my perspective on a couple of topics that I didn’t bother to introduce myself so…
    I’ve been with my amazing partner for over 15 years. I’m a father of 2, my son is 10 and my daughter is 4, both amazing additions to our lives.
    Seems like many of the recent topics are concerning men who have…[Read more]

  • I don’t really have an example right now that’s directly comparable, so don’t take this the wrong way and suggest that I’m comparing lying about birth control to pregnancy resulting from rape, but… Consider a rape victim who goes through with the pregnancy and has the kid. Maybe they recognize that the child is part of them and they really love…[Read more]

  • I also know full well that i could be run over by a bus while crossing the street in a designated cross-walk, but society holds that bus driver responsible none the less… Her alleged inability to become pregnant was clearly conveyed to the op. I doubt he ever signed any legal documents, or made any verbal agreement to become a father. A failure…[Read more]

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