Timothy Locke

  • Your quite welcome to email and anyone else who would like to send a direct message at timothylocke@gmx.co.uk

    Ive been to court a few times and each time Ive had to initiate the proceedings which firstly does not look good on me so i now have to be careful of why I’m doing so, in this case will be an enforcement order to do what is stated the…[Read more]

  • I totally agree with you, my ex partner is still very bitter dispute us splitting up 3 years ago. My daughter shouldn’t feel split which is why the court order is in place. This is a sad situation and i do wish we could sit down and have a civil conversation but that wouldn’t happen as all she cares about is “getting one over on me” and wants what…[Read more]

  • I have a daughter who is aged 4 and starting school in September. I have a court order that states i am to collect her from school when I’m due to have her and that’s every other week on a Friday this is to minimise contact between with my ex partner and myself.

    My ex partner has stated that she will be at the school to changer her and take her…[Read more]

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