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11 Essential Mens Grooming Tips

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 19/06/2015




I am kind of lazy, which is why grooming & pruning myself like a peacock has been on the back burner for the first 27 years of my life. But now I have seen the light! I’m still no peacock, but a bit of moisturiser goes a long way! Here are my essential mens grooming tips!

#1 Moisturise – I’m fairly new to moisturising. Primarily due to my previous laziness and secondary down to the fact I thought it was quite a feminine thing to do. Oh how wrong was I? I’ve been using this Vitamin C Glow Boosting moisturiser from The Body Shop and it’s helped change my whole outlook on moisturising. The fundamental reason for moisturiser is to moisten your skin and stop it from drying out. I don’t suffer particularly from dry skin, but I have noticed and felt a difference. I think this is even more important now we’re living in an air-conditioned world! This one smells nice and does’t seem to be too oily. (Which I would try and avoid!) At 27, premature ageing isn’t an issue just yet but the more I use this baby, the longer I’ll keep age at bay and this little beauty is doing the trick!


#2 Shave or trim and shape your facial hair. Some of us like the clean shaven look and others like a full on beard. Which ever camp you fall into maintenance is important. Facial hair is popular right now and finding what suits your face shape is important. Once found, I recommend using the Braun CruZer6 Face – All-In-One Electric Shaver to create your masterpiece. You can use it wet or dry and it has different adjustments so you can trim but also get a sharp edge. You can also get some really cool products for keeping your beard smelling nice from Etsy.

#3 Shower – Preferably twice daily and also after every activity that makes you perspire. Sounds obvious but… a sweaty man is not an attractive man.

#4 Regularly wash your hands and maintain good nail hygiene. Now I’ve been in enough men’s toilets over the years to know how few men wash their hands. This is key to maintain hygiene levels and be well-groomed. Long nails are a no-no. Clip or cut but keep them short and get a good grooming case with everything you need in.

#5 Trim… again – If you are suseptable to nose or ear hair then it’s a good idea to trim these regularly. You might not be able to see those stray hairs poking out your ear hole but others can and it’s not a good look. A quick trim will do wonders for your appearance. And whilst we’re on the subject of body hair, shoulder hair and back hair is marmite. It’s either loved or hated! I’m in the hate camp and trim any strays that find their way out of my collar.

#6 Sense of style – Dress to impress but dress to suit you and your body shape. Spend time working out what styles and colours suit you and your wardrobe will soon come together easily.

#7 Make sure you have clean shoes. Those three year old trainers might feel like the comfiest thing on earth but they wont give a good first impression. You might love your dirty, smelly trainers but rest assured that others won’t. This can also lead you down the route of athletes foot and all kinds of fungal infections. Take care of your feet whilst you’re at it. Cut nails short and sort out any hard skin on the heel.

#8 Smell good. So simple but so effective. A good aftershave is like nothing else. Spend time testing a few and find one that works for you. Remember that there is such as thing as too much though. You don’t want the aftershave to be over-powering.

#9 Good posture is vital. You can take inches off your body with better posture. Look at yourself in the mirror and practise un-huntching the shoulders and straightening the back. Bad habits form quickly and we could all do with improving our posture for appearance sake as well as for health reasons.

#10 Deodorant /antiperspirant. This is not optional. We all need to use one and we all need to use one daily. A deodorant gets rid of odour caused by sweating. Anti-perspirants actually dry up perspiration. A combination product will tick all the boxes. Check the fragrance before buying though and make sure it’s not over powering.

#11 Good oral hygiene- regular trips to both the dentist and the hygienist are essential but inbetween visits it’s good practise to floss and use mouthwash alongside regular tooth brushing.



So now you’re all groomed out, you’ll have the better half falling at your feet. Do all this and your post-children intimacy rate will at least double!

You’re welcome! 


*This was a sponsored post but all opinions express are genuine.

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