Merino Kids – Product Review

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If you’ve read any of my other baby clothes reviews, you’ll know I’m a sucker for high quality clothing. I don’t mind spending that little bit extra if it’s going to get me more quality.
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This is another example of that. 

Merino Kids produce wonderful, quality sleepwear for babies and children. It’s called Merino Kids because, you guessed it, it’s made from merino wool. Merino wool is one of the planets best, natural fibres, that has been around for thousands of years and the benefits are vast! It is without doubt the best fibre to dress your children in because, unlike synthetics, it breathes and controls moisture, resulting in the optimum climate for the baby.

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It keeps them cool when its hot and warm when it’s cold.

Perfect for the wonderful British weather! 

Merino Kids have put a lot of energy into researching the benefits of merino wool and have come up with a list that, quite frankly, is just what parents want to hear. 

#1 Controls the climate

#2 Reduces skin allergies – the fibre has a silky outer layer making it incredibly soft (I like soft) and reduces that itchy feeling. This makes it excellent for eczema and sensitive skin. 

#3 Improves sleep routines – research shows that babies sleeping in merino wool settle quicker and feed better, resulting in good sleeping. 

#4 Brilliant for swaddling – mainly because it controls temperature so well. 

#5 Fire resistant – naturally fire resistant and will often self extinguish! Amazing! 

The research they have done is fantastic, if you want to read in more depth, follow this link:

They sent us a Cocooi swaddle blanket, hat and baby grow. As a dad, these products are uber appealing; they are plain colours, feel soft and don’t have any buttons! At first, the lack of buttons did throw me a little as I was trying to work out how you’d get a baby into the grow!

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I called for back up, the wife explained and after the penny had dropped it seems fantastic. Far easier to get on to your baby and no buttons to do up the wrong way. 


The Cocooi swaddle blanket also seems like a challenge at first thought, but there’s a very helpful video on their website that teaches you exactly how to do it. Dad proof!

One of my biggest attractions is that this wool is 100% organic. Of course it is! This company don’t seem to be able to miss anything out, get anything wrong or make any errors. It’s even from New Zealand – which, to a Brit that has never visited, seems like an amazing country. And with free UK delivery for orders over £35 – everyone’s a winner!

This is a company of the highest quality with the highest of standards and ethics. I cannot recommend them and their beautiful products enough.
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So it is without any question that Merino Kids receive an official Dad Network Star Rating of 5 / 5


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  1. Merino Kids UK

    Thanks so much Dad Network for the glowing review of our Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle and All in One. We are really chuffed with the 5/5 Dad Network Star Rating and can’t wait to see your soon-to-be-little-one sporting his new Merino outfit. Don’t forget to send us pics!

    • Al TheDadNetwork

      You’re very welcome! Great products so great star rating!

      We will definitely send some pics.



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