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Micro Merlin eScooter review

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There are many things in life which can effortlessly place you in a state of nostalgia. It could be your favourite meal that transports you back to gathering around your grandparents table when you were a child, or kicking a football around a park with your children leaving you reminiscing about the times you pretended to be Gazza after thumping one into the top corner. 

Anyway. After reviewing the Micro Merlin eScooter, I was very much left playing in my very own playground of nostalgia. As someone who has ridden a handful of electric scooters in my time, I had a good idea of what to expect; a slow, gradual acceleration followed by harsh braking and a bumpy ride. But when I pushed the throttle on the Micro Merlin my pre existing perception of what to expect was squashed. 


The throttle is a perfect balance of excitement and safety and the braking doesn’t leave your eyes wanting to escape from your skull either. There are many features that put the Micro very much in the elite tier of e-scooters, such as:


  • Easy fold mechanism 
  • Camel mode, leaving the usual ugly-looking kickstand surplus to requirements
  • Retractable handlebars making stowing on transport easy 
  • Easy to read display showing trip distance, speed and mode
  • Regenerative braking system that uses braking force to generate electricity which is powered back into the battery, making your battery life last even longer
  • Ergonomic grips that on those longer rides, don’t leave your hands feeling sore


Electric scooters can often be seen as dangerous but when you’re riding the Merlin, danger is the last thing on your mind as the front and rear suspension eat up so many of the bumps in the road, leaving you to enjoy the smooth, nostalgic ride. 

This review was done on privately owned land at the land owners consent in the UK. Micro Scooters may only be ridden on privately owned land and you must have the land owners permission.

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