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Middle Names

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 13/04/2014

We decided pretty early on our name. Well, our first name. When we heard it, we knew it was right for us. It is cute and adorable for when he is a baby and it will be strong, masculine and charming for when he is an adult in his profession. It is: Teddy. Or Ted for short. We figured that Ted could be used in business or professional capacities, but teddy to all his mates.

The middle name is a little trickier though. We don’t really mind, as I’ve said in another post but still want something that suits us. Our nickname for him has always been Rex. This was because at our first scan way back at 8 weeks, the wife coughed and his tiny half formed arms wriggled like a little T-Rex. It just stuck. But now, I think it really is sticking! We are fully aware that we will more than likely be calling him Rex whatever any of his names are, so why don’t we just include it on the birth certificate?

I might also include one of my middle names, Hugh. So far then, his name is Teddy Rex Hugh. I like it, but open to as many other thoughts as possible. His first name is all but cast in stone, his middle names are still pencilled in. Anyone come across some goodens?

Really, this is all a waste of time though. I have every intention of calling him Junior and sport! But Calling him Sport Junior on the birth certificate is just a no no! 

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