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My wife went to the midwife for the second time today, with the sole purpose of listening to the heart beat. Very exciting; especially for those parents who have experienced a miscarriage and are anxious! 
Anyway, it strikes me that it is notoriously difficult for dads to be available for these midwife appointments. I know that it is obvious that the mum will HAVE to be there and that many dads are working, but surely midwives should be available evenings and weekends for dads to get to the appointment. Or as my title suggests, maybe we should have some ‘midhusbands.’ 
I certainly know that I have questions and concerns that I would want to ask. So many working dads miss these opportunities and we need to figure out a way to stop it from happening. 
It’s also irritating that at the first midwife appointment, the midwife asked so many questions about me. Wouldn’t it be better to actually ask me, rather than my wife? It strikes me that dads get a raw deal with the level of involvement with the midwife. Have others found this? What’s the solution? 
I mean, here’s a link to a helpful website all about antenatal appointments, why they’re important, what happens etc… but it’s only useful if dads are able to make themselves available to actually attend. 
This link is also really good. It gives some good information about dads getting along to antenatal appointments. 
In fact, maybe a new business venture could be to set up a midhusband service. 
On a slightly separate tangent, it’s also becoming apparent that these appointments are rushed and unhelpful. (so maybe it was good I wasn’t there). My wife, who has had constant headaches and various other concerns, was brushed aside with a disinterest from her midwife. Not ok! What’s the point if no one’s concerns or questions are answered? 

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